Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Taipei Food Avenue

Recently the foodie me went out to hv lunch with my fren again. This time she chose a place at Tg. Tokong, which was directly one of the resturants opposite Island Plaza. I've yet to explore Tg. Tokong area since I haven't conquered town. Haha.

Anyway, we went there on a Thursday and we decided to have our lunch at Taipei Food Avenue. To my surprise, the place was not as quiet as I thought it would be since it was a Thursday. The restaurant was dimly lit, but the ambience was pretty nice to hang out with a few of your friends.

I hastily ordered the food because I was already very hungry since our initial plan to have lunch at 75 Celcius didn't work out. I really thought they are open for lunch as well. Hmm...anyway so yea I ordered Crispy Spareribs Rice while my friend ordered Drunken Chicken Rice, at RM13.50 each, both come with a soup, some soupy dessert, main dish and tea. You just need to add an extra RM1 for the milkshake if you do not like tea. The rest in the menu is oriental food, of course.

Chocolate Milk Shake

Peppermint Milk Shake

Drunken Chicken Rice

Crispy Spareribs Rice

The service was pretty fast and I think I look intimidating to them especially to the 'taukeh so' (owner's wife) who was standing at the cashier counter beside me because I couldn't stop snapping pictures. haha. Like I said, for future reference mah..because I'm so used to it and so is my friend, she couldn't be bothered with what I was doing and just let me do my thang. Haha. The pictures were limited because the batteries were running low and I didn't bring any extra batt.

Overall,it was a good experience since I haven't been to Taipei nor have I tried its food before..so I guess I can still survive in Taipei if I were to go there one day. haha. Lame, I know...probably will try the Japanese Restaurants which is only a few shops away from this restaurants! Soon!!



kenwooi said...

i also havent been to taipei..
but the food there..
typical chinese food lah.. =)


judy said...

chia li din bring me there :(

tracy said...

you've finally discovered the good food at tanjung bungah area!! hehe.. i used to go there very often. it's actually jong's mom's restaurant. the next time you go there, try the pancake thingy. its really yummy.. i love it.. also, talking about the japanese restaurant, try the one further to the left, if it's still there. can't remember what it's called but it has the table seats on the right and floor seats on the left further in. the food there is quite nice and pretty reasonable too...

Whitney said...

i'm going to taipei next month! but i heard the food there is not as good as penang's..

btw, i think the japanese restaurant tracy mentioned is Ajinoren, yeah and the food there is quite nice.

another nice japanese restaurant is Isaribi Tei just behind Northam tower. My friend works there so i frequent them alot!

btw first time visiting and nice blog you have!

CL said...

Kenwooi: yup, typical chinese food. but it's kinda nice..especially the petai soup is kinda nice for a person like me who doesnt like petai at all. :)

Judy: Aww...we'll go there next time k? Hahah..

Tracy:haha..u still stay at the same place, right? They have pancake? Cool! Will try that one day soon. I wanted to eat at the Japanese restaurant initially, but my friend went there b4 so I just thought of trying something new! hehe..Btw, who's Jong?

Whitney: I'm not sure if it's call Ajinoren..u going to Taipei? Then be sure to blog about the food! haha.
Yup, I've heard about Isaribi Tei and definitely gonna try it out someday..it's quite pricey, no?
Btw, thanks for visiting! :))

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