Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sweet Invasion

I used to have this neighbour who owns 2 puppies, one of which is a cute shih tzu, the other one is white but I'm not quite sure of its breed. I am not a very dog person but if the dog is obedient and doesn't bite, I'll definitely pet and play with him.

It was one evening when I was relaxing while watching TV and painting my toe nails then suddenly something (at that time my brain in a state of shock to interpret that it was a dog) ran into my house. I was utterly shocked and didn't know what to do. It was my neighbour's shih tzu, Yan Yan. Cute Yan Yan then stared at me for a moment before both of us went berserk, probably thinking we could harm each other. Haha.

For a moment I was really stunned because I didn't know the dog existed at my house area and my mind was totally blank. It was so hilarious. Then I ran to my mom shouting, "ARGHH! There's a dog in the house!!" when I could have gone after her and lure her to me. Haha. I think she was afraid of my doing and sort of ran out for a few seconds before coming back into my house.

Many faces of Yan Yan. She doesn't have the black curly hair in the bottom left pic. It's my hair. Haha.

Then all the girls in the house decided to go on a photo frenzy with Yan Yan. Haha..she was so adorable!! She played with us, making us rub her tummy by lying on the floor and roll around just like how Shin Chan would ask his poor Si Putih to roll. Hahah. What an experience.

Me: Come out, come out wherever you are~

In my one year of staying at this house, the invasion happened only twice when I was around. It usually happens whenever her owner leaves the door wide open. The owner always knows where to look for when Yan Yan can't be found in the owner's house; she'll most probably be in my house, surrounded by the girls. Haha. Yan Yan and owners have moved to another place and we are no longer in touch. :(

She indeed brought happy moments into my life because I've never had a pet dog in my life before and my mom is usually against the idea of rearing a puppy because no one is free to take care of it. But after the incidents, she actually brought up the question of whether to have a puppy or not. But I am against it because I think the dog will not get enough love and attention from us if we were to have one.

Will be missing you, Yan Yan.


kenwooi said...

cute dog =)


adrienne said...

Very cute :) Nice post, CL. I love dogs. Miss my emperor chow chow.

Kokd said...

well, if you wanna have a dog, you must give it 24/7 attention, or get another dog to give it 24/7 attention.. if not.. it'll be so lonely all alone..

CL said...

Kenwooi: Cute right....haha.

Adrienne: Thank u! and I miss your giant too.. :(

Kokd: Yea, that's y I'm not planning to have one despite how much I love kiki. hhaa.

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