Friday, September 25, 2009


You say, I only hear what I want to..
And you say, I talk so all the time, so

And I thought what I felt was simple,
And I thought that I don't belong,
And now that I am leavin'
Now that I know I did something wrong
'Cause I missed you
Yeah yeah I missed you.

And you say, I only hear what I want to
I don't listen hard, don't pay attention
To the distance you're running,
To anyone, anywhere
I don't understand you really care
I'm only hearing negative, no no no, bad

So I, I turned the radio on, I turned the radio up
And this woman was singing my song
Lover's in love and the other's run away
Lover is cryin', 'cause the other won't stay

Some of us hover when we weepin' for the other
Who was dying since the day they were born, well
Well, this is not that I think that I'm throwing
But I'm thrown

And I thought I'd live forever
But now I'm not so sure
You try to tell me that I'm clever
But that won't take me somehow
Or anywhere with you

And you said that I was naive
And I thought that I was stronger
I thought, hey I can leave, I can leave
Oh but now I know that I was wrong
'Cause I missed you
Yeah I missed you.

You said, "You caught me
'Cause you want me"
One day you'll let me go
You try to give away a keeper
Or keep me 'cause you know
You're just so scared to lose

And you say, "Stay"

And you say, I only hear what I want to.

by Lisa Loeb.

Ahh. Such a beautiful song. Before you make any judgment, the lyrics don't reflect what I'm going through now.
It's just another song I heard quite a long time ago and I suddenly felt like sharing.

Toodles! :P


Kokd said...

Hey dear, I'm at darling harbour. U wanna google where is google it? I'll be missing u from here.

CL said...

Come back... :(

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