Saturday, September 5, 2009

Skype the Great


As much as I wish Skype is paying me for this, but they're not.

But if only the connection is bit better, I'd be even elated!

I guess it's already more than enough to get to hear that significant someone's voice though with the broken voice.

I am pretty satisfied, for now.

I need my daily dose of happiness.

Skype can definitely do the trick!

Somehow I think we both have been living under the rock for 3 years, not knowing Skype can do wonders like this, calling each other without having to pay an extra cent!

(Please ignore the PayPal here, dear)

Back to Mechanics!~


judy said...

hahahha!!! it is!!! tapi tak ada kawan very boring! give me ur add :)

CL said...

Hhaha. I'll send u my nick in facebook ok. :)

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