Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Never Ending Workload

I am flaming now.
So many things to do, so high expectations from everybody.
It's so disappointing when you couldn't meet their expectations.
I don't know who to blame. Myself or him?
I blamed him because he's expecting too much from us.
I blame myself because I could have put more effort into everything I did.

I don't know.
I have so lil' space left in my tiny brain right now and despite having so many things pending, I am writing this lengthy entry because I have an English writing test tomorrow.
I'm not really nervous about it but I really wanna do well in it.
Such an oxymoron.
Wanna do well but I'm wasting my time here.
Heck, I suppose the title is gonna be tough since it's engineering English so I should at least get some things going on.

But I simply can't!
I have so many things I wanna share, so much feelings I've been securing in me so that it won't hurt anyone if I were to blurt them out in words.
It's getting way too overwhelming I'm so glad Raya break is coming up.
I have only a year to go before disappearing from where I am now or should I consider to do Masters? PhD?

Ahh..too much of education and engineering knowledge is driving me crazy!
I've gone thru 2 years although with inconsistent results but I have actually quite liked what I've been doing but now???!!
Now I'm just doubting everything all over again like I've just finished my 6th Form.

I know I sound so pathetic right now and most of you would have left my blog by now because I'm such a whiner.
But I've been holding back for so long so please bear with me because at least I'm not directly hurting my friends or whoever when I do it here. if it makes any difference.

I don't even know what I'm talking about.
It's almost dinner time yet I'm still blogging.

Nooooo...I am not gonna let last semester's results to repeat so I shall just stop here.
Whine some other time.

Yayyy! FOOD!!

ps: As of now, I still have 4 tests and 2 assignments due. Dem it.
pps: Where are you, Mr. Shoulder to cry on?

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yxuan said...

ganbate lar..^^

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