Thursday, September 17, 2009

Holiday is here!

Whee!~ It's the long awaited holiday again!
I'll be going back to Penang in an hour's time so Penang, wait up!
I know I sound so hyper now despite being so emo yesterday, right?

But who cares!
Who cares if I got abundant of assignments to do and tests to revise?
For now, all I care is to have good food back home and to pamper myself like a queen.
Nah, not exactly but the idiot box and my lappie will do just fine in accompanying me throughout the holidays.

By the way, just before I disappear from the campus, fyi, the government has recently announced that from October onwards, we can get an alternative passport with 2 years validity for only a freaking RM100!
Now, say again why Malaysia tak boleh?
I can imagine myself visiting Singapore very very soon, I hope! *fingers crossed*

Oh that picture above was taken when I was in Jemputree last weekend with my girlfriends!
Will update on that later when I have the pics! :)


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