Saturday, September 19, 2009

Heartless Indeed

I'm sure many of you wonder if the songs we hear ever so often these days on the radio actually reflect the lives of the singers themselves.

Apparently, it is true when it comes to Kanye West, who sang (not sure if he's the songwriter as well cos I'm too lazy to check) the song called Heartless.

*I think it was probably made famous by Kris Allen in Idol Season 8 anyway*

It was just days ago when the famous or should I say heartless Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift when she was about to give her speech upon receiving the Best Female Video Award in the recent VMA.

He practically grabbed the mic from her and made comments and said that Beyonce should have won the title instead.

Wtf alright...he thinks he's some kind of black guy that can just decide on who's supposed to win which and which??!

Or probably he wants to accompany Chris Brown in doing community service after hitting Rihanna?
How rude he was.
Poor Taylor Swift.


Augustine said...

i am a big kanye fan cos he is really talented.

but after this i lost respect to him. did u see taylor swift's face. HELPLESS..

adrienne said...

I think what he did was kinda rude - but honestly - Beyonce's vid was way more amazing. Taylor's vid's are a bit childish to me. Very teenage girl-ish.

Anyways - I like what Beyonce did in the end, and what Taylor did too. Kanye kinda gave Taylor more fans.

I don;t really like much of Taylor's stuff but I really, really like her song "breathe" with Colbie Caillait.

CL said...

Augustine: Haha..I guess no harm to still support him if his songs are really good. Just like Avril Lavigne, she's rude to ppl but I still love her songs. haha.

Adrienne: She's only like 17? 18? I haven't watched her award winning video yet but I guess she should be doing some video that suits her age.
I don't deny Beyonce video was any less amazing. I've always been and still am a fan of Beyonce even before I knew who Taylor Swift was. I supposed that's why she won the Best Music Video of the Year? And guess what, Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me" is playing on MixFM as I'm typing this! hahah. Whatever it is, Kanye shouldn't do that to her even if it's not Taylor Swift, I'll still be saying the same thing about him. Haha.

adrienne said...

Whoa.. chill, woman :)

She's 19. I started looking for her vids in youtube - didn't like any of them much. But when I saw her live acoustic performance and stuff she do backstage, she's very natural and really has talent. Very good guitar skills. Thanks to Kanye, I start to like Taylor now.

Haha although I commented her vids are so, I don't really like to see young artists acting matured in the music videos. Looks weird. Haha makes me laugh though. Trying to grow up too fast.

Just wondering why do the artist get the award and not the music director/choreographer. Hmmm..

CL said...

I think I sort of "fell in love" with her in her Love Story video. princessee!

I thought the music director/choreographer do get awards as well, no? Hmm..not sure though. But I suppose there's Best Dance Video or something? Haha...

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