Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Because I Am Bored Like That,

so I decided to post up pictures of what I missed the most (besides you-know-who).

First and foremost, a getaway to beaches with white sand and deep blue sea.
The photo above was taken when I was in Redang back in........2007!
See how I almost forgot when it was because it's been so long and I really miss the time I had at the beach. How relaxing it was~
But my next holiday is gonna be in December which is 3 months from now.
But fret not, I'm still keeping my fingers crossed!

Next is to have a Shih tzu of my own (pardon my photoshop skill because I'm weird like that).
Let me introduce this Shih tzu beside me, Kiki whom I've befriended since 5 or 6 years ago when he was still a little puppy.
He's KOKD's dog and he's as old as our relationship. Hhaah.
I'll go into that when I have more time.

Damn, this should be called a wish list instead of a missed list.

I missed having good ice-cream...and by good, I don't mean ice kacang because I can even get ice kacang in my campus' cafeteria but no thanks. :P
The photo above was taken in MidValley last year when I first visited The Gardens with him.

I'll stop here and dig out more photos to photoshop when I have ample time to do that.

And........I'm supposed to get myself prepared for my English writing test and a group discussion tomorrow but I have no idea why I'm doing this......would someone please wake me up when Septe..oh I just mentioned that in my last post.

Yes, I'm lame like that.

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judy said...

awww. its so cute!!!! hahahaha... eh we friday on ornot?

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