Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Taipei Food Avenue

Recently the foodie me went out to hv lunch with my fren again. This time she chose a place at Tg. Tokong, which was directly one of the resturants opposite Island Plaza. I've yet to explore Tg. Tokong area since I haven't conquered town. Haha.

Anyway, we went there on a Thursday and we decided to have our lunch at Taipei Food Avenue. To my surprise, the place was not as quiet as I thought it would be since it was a Thursday. The restaurant was dimly lit, but the ambience was pretty nice to hang out with a few of your friends.

I hastily ordered the food because I was already very hungry since our initial plan to have lunch at 75 Celcius didn't work out. I really thought they are open for lunch as well. Hmm...anyway so yea I ordered Crispy Spareribs Rice while my friend ordered Drunken Chicken Rice, at RM13.50 each, both come with a soup, some soupy dessert, main dish and tea. You just need to add an extra RM1 for the milkshake if you do not like tea. The rest in the menu is oriental food, of course.

Chocolate Milk Shake

Peppermint Milk Shake

Drunken Chicken Rice

Crispy Spareribs Rice

The service was pretty fast and I think I look intimidating to them especially to the 'taukeh so' (owner's wife) who was standing at the cashier counter beside me because I couldn't stop snapping pictures. haha. Like I said, for future reference mah..because I'm so used to it and so is my friend, she couldn't be bothered with what I was doing and just let me do my thang. Haha. The pictures were limited because the batteries were running low and I didn't bring any extra batt.

Overall,it was a good experience since I haven't been to Taipei nor have I tried its food before..so I guess I can still survive in Taipei if I were to go there one day. haha. Lame, I know...probably will try the Japanese Restaurants which is only a few shops away from this restaurants! Soon!!


Monday, September 28, 2009


Joke of the day:

Due to recession, the light at the end of the tunnel will be switched off. - God

It's a winning joke entry from Russia. Read it from Reader's Digest.
I cannot stop laughing after that.
Somehow my funny bone got tickled.
Okay, fine I know funny bone is not the funny bone I am trying to say here.
But who cares..it sounds funny enough.
I guess I'm still not awake yet since September hasn't ended.


Friday, September 25, 2009


You say, I only hear what I want to..
And you say, I talk so all the time, so

And I thought what I felt was simple,
And I thought that I don't belong,
And now that I am leavin'
Now that I know I did something wrong
'Cause I missed you
Yeah yeah I missed you.

And you say, I only hear what I want to
I don't listen hard, don't pay attention
To the distance you're running,
To anyone, anywhere
I don't understand you really care
I'm only hearing negative, no no no, bad

So I, I turned the radio on, I turned the radio up
And this woman was singing my song
Lover's in love and the other's run away
Lover is cryin', 'cause the other won't stay

Some of us hover when we weepin' for the other
Who was dying since the day they were born, well
Well, this is not that I think that I'm throwing
But I'm thrown

And I thought I'd live forever
But now I'm not so sure
You try to tell me that I'm clever
But that won't take me somehow
Or anywhere with you

And you said that I was naive
And I thought that I was stronger
I thought, hey I can leave, I can leave
Oh but now I know that I was wrong
'Cause I missed you
Yeah I missed you.

You said, "You caught me
'Cause you want me"
One day you'll let me go
You try to give away a keeper
Or keep me 'cause you know
You're just so scared to lose

And you say, "Stay"

And you say, I only hear what I want to.

by Lisa Loeb.

Ahh. Such a beautiful song. Before you make any judgment, the lyrics don't reflect what I'm going through now.
It's just another song I heard quite a long time ago and I suddenly felt like sharing.

Toodles! :P

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sweet Invasion

I used to have this neighbour who owns 2 puppies, one of which is a cute shih tzu, the other one is white but I'm not quite sure of its breed. I am not a very dog person but if the dog is obedient and doesn't bite, I'll definitely pet and play with him.

It was one evening when I was relaxing while watching TV and painting my toe nails then suddenly something (at that time my brain in a state of shock to interpret that it was a dog) ran into my house. I was utterly shocked and didn't know what to do. It was my neighbour's shih tzu, Yan Yan. Cute Yan Yan then stared at me for a moment before both of us went berserk, probably thinking we could harm each other. Haha.

For a moment I was really stunned because I didn't know the dog existed at my house area and my mind was totally blank. It was so hilarious. Then I ran to my mom shouting, "ARGHH! There's a dog in the house!!" when I could have gone after her and lure her to me. Haha. I think she was afraid of my doing and sort of ran out for a few seconds before coming back into my house.

Many faces of Yan Yan. She doesn't have the black curly hair in the bottom left pic. It's my hair. Haha.

Then all the girls in the house decided to go on a photo frenzy with Yan Yan. Haha..she was so adorable!! She played with us, making us rub her tummy by lying on the floor and roll around just like how Shin Chan would ask his poor Si Putih to roll. Hahah. What an experience.

Me: Come out, come out wherever you are~

In my one year of staying at this house, the invasion happened only twice when I was around. It usually happens whenever her owner leaves the door wide open. The owner always knows where to look for when Yan Yan can't be found in the owner's house; she'll most probably be in my house, surrounded by the girls. Haha. Yan Yan and owners have moved to another place and we are no longer in touch. :(

She indeed brought happy moments into my life because I've never had a pet dog in my life before and my mom is usually against the idea of rearing a puppy because no one is free to take care of it. But after the incidents, she actually brought up the question of whether to have a puppy or not. But I am against it because I think the dog will not get enough love and attention from us if we were to have one.

Will be missing you, Yan Yan.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Heartless Indeed

I'm sure many of you wonder if the songs we hear ever so often these days on the radio actually reflect the lives of the singers themselves.

Apparently, it is true when it comes to Kanye West, who sang (not sure if he's the songwriter as well cos I'm too lazy to check) the song called Heartless.

*I think it was probably made famous by Kris Allen in Idol Season 8 anyway*

It was just days ago when the famous or should I say heartless Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift when she was about to give her speech upon receiving the Best Female Video Award in the recent VMA.

He practically grabbed the mic from her and made comments and said that Beyonce should have won the title instead.

Wtf alright...he thinks he's some kind of black guy that can just decide on who's supposed to win which and which??!

Or probably he wants to accompany Chris Brown in doing community service after hitting Rihanna?
How rude he was.
Poor Taylor Swift.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Holiday is here!

Whee!~ It's the long awaited holiday again!
I'll be going back to Penang in an hour's time so Penang, wait up!
I know I sound so hyper now despite being so emo yesterday, right?

But who cares!
Who cares if I got abundant of assignments to do and tests to revise?
For now, all I care is to have good food back home and to pamper myself like a queen.
Nah, not exactly but the idiot box and my lappie will do just fine in accompanying me throughout the holidays.

By the way, just before I disappear from the campus, fyi, the government has recently announced that from October onwards, we can get an alternative passport with 2 years validity for only a freaking RM100!
Now, say again why Malaysia tak boleh?
I can imagine myself visiting Singapore very very soon, I hope! *fingers crossed*

Oh that picture above was taken when I was in Jemputree last weekend with my girlfriends!
Will update on that later when I have the pics! :)


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Never Ending Workload

I am flaming now.
So many things to do, so high expectations from everybody.
It's so disappointing when you couldn't meet their expectations.
I don't know who to blame. Myself or him?
I blamed him because he's expecting too much from us.
I blame myself because I could have put more effort into everything I did.

I don't know.
I have so lil' space left in my tiny brain right now and despite having so many things pending, I am writing this lengthy entry because I have an English writing test tomorrow.
I'm not really nervous about it but I really wanna do well in it.
Such an oxymoron.
Wanna do well but I'm wasting my time here.
Heck, I suppose the title is gonna be tough since it's engineering English so I should at least get some things going on.

But I simply can't!
I have so many things I wanna share, so much feelings I've been securing in me so that it won't hurt anyone if I were to blurt them out in words.
It's getting way too overwhelming I'm so glad Raya break is coming up.
I have only a year to go before disappearing from where I am now or should I consider to do Masters? PhD?

Ahh..too much of education and engineering knowledge is driving me crazy!
I've gone thru 2 years although with inconsistent results but I have actually quite liked what I've been doing but now???!!
Now I'm just doubting everything all over again like I've just finished my 6th Form.

I know I sound so pathetic right now and most of you would have left my blog by now because I'm such a whiner.
But I've been holding back for so long so please bear with me because at least I'm not directly hurting my friends or whoever when I do it here.
Haha...as if it makes any difference.

I don't even know what I'm talking about.
It's almost dinner time yet I'm still blogging.

Nooooo...I am not gonna let last semester's results to repeat so I shall just stop here.
Whine some other time.

Yayyy! FOOD!!

ps: As of now, I still have 4 tests and 2 assignments due. Dem it.
pps: Where are you, Mr. Shoulder to cry on?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sick At The Wrong Time

I am sick.
Not exactly sick but I've been feeling so weak since morning and I can't seem to gather some energy to complete my work.
So frustrated with myself.

Right now, as I'm typing this, my headache is back again.
I woke up with an extremely heavy head and puked after lunch.

Now that I've taken my dinner, I still feel weak and the headache is not going off.
Thank God Doraemon is showing on tv then I can redirect my current condition to watching it.

Oh whatever that means.
Can't even seem to construct a proper sentence.

Bye for now and wish me luck that I can finish my work asap..

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Because I Am Bored Like That,

so I decided to post up pictures of what I missed the most (besides you-know-who).

First and foremost, a getaway to beaches with white sand and deep blue sea.
The photo above was taken when I was in Redang back in........2007!
See how I almost forgot when it was because it's been so long and I really miss the time I had at the beach. How relaxing it was~
But my next holiday is gonna be in December which is 3 months from now.
But fret not, I'm still keeping my fingers crossed!

Next is to have a Shih tzu of my own (pardon my photoshop skill because I'm weird like that).
Let me introduce this Shih tzu beside me, Kiki whom I've befriended since 5 or 6 years ago when he was still a little puppy.
He's KOKD's dog and he's as old as our relationship. Hhaah.
I'll go into that when I have more time.

Damn, this should be called a wish list instead of a missed list.

I missed having good ice-cream...and by good, I don't mean ice kacang because I can even get ice kacang in my campus' cafeteria but no thanks. :P
The photo above was taken in MidValley last year when I first visited The Gardens with him.

I'll stop here and dig out more photos to photoshop when I have ample time to do that.

And........I'm supposed to get myself prepared for my English writing test and a group discussion tomorrow but I have no idea why I'm doing this......would someone please wake me up when Septe..oh I just mentioned that in my last post.

Yes, I'm lame like that.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Random Thoughts

September is by far the busiest month in my current semester.
I guess it pretty much explains the length of my entries lately.

Since I don't have much time to blog properly, I'm just gonna go random on my recent thoughts:

1) Nickelback is AWESOME! Not that I just realised how awesome they are though. :)

2) Girls/women can really have unpredictable mood swings. Or maybe it's just me.

3) I really could use a treadmill for now.

4) Where's my RAMLY burger~?
I've been waiting for the stall to open everyday but I just don't see it operating..

5) Our former Prime Minister is visiting my campus for a special convocation!

6) Mechanics is REALLY killing me.

7) I kinda admire guys with balls (if you get what I mean) when it comes to getting to know a girl. Hahha.

Well, not exactly in those words. Haha.
At least it's so much better than those in FB who added you without actually knowing you.

Okay, maybe I'm late but it's the thought that counts, no?

I can proudly say that I am a proud Malaysian.
But as to how far the extent of 1Malaysia could go to, let's just say I'm doing my part and hoping for the best. :)

Till then,
Would someone please wake me up when September ends~?

Loves ♥.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I think..

I want this. Hmmph.

Not Vanessa Hudgens, of course.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Skype the Great


As much as I wish Skype is paying me for this, but they're not.

But if only the connection is bit better, I'd be even elated!

I guess it's already more than enough to get to hear that significant someone's voice though with the broken voice.

I am pretty satisfied, for now.

I need my daily dose of happiness.

Skype can definitely do the trick!

Somehow I think we both have been living under the rock for 3 years, not knowing Skype can do wonders like this, calling each other without having to pay an extra cent!

(Please ignore the PayPal here, dear)

Back to Mechanics!~

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tonki For The Weekend!

Finally a new post!
I hope you guys don't mind me updating about food, food and nothing else but food.
Well, part of the reasons is because I stay in an ulu place for 4 days a week and I need food to satisfy this seem-to-be-small-but-it's-actually-bloated tummy of mine every time I head back to Penang Island.
After all, Penang is all about food, eh?

Anyway, I've been longing to pay a visit to this Japanese food restaurant, called Tonki Bento since a couple of weeks ago when my friends told me how cheap their Japanese food was.
Look at the banner:

Oh, if it's too small, it says : "PROMOSI (promotion) Japanese Bento Delivery (Dine-In Are Welcome). One set from RM6.80 only. *Free Miso Soup"
It was raining cats and dogs when we reached there but still, we insisted on trying the food regardless of whether it rained or not.

Part of the interior:

The ambience was quite nice and calm despite the rain.
However, we were greeted by a not-so-friendly old lady once we entered whom instructed us to leave our umbrellas at the side of the entrance, sounded pretty pissed.
We don't give a damn about her and started ordering.

In the meantime, it's time for some photography! :))

SP looking excited while thinking what she's gonna order!

Not this time, YT! :P

Me trying to play around with the fan. Kinda lame fan. Could have put a nicer one. This one looks like it was taken from the Bon Odori Festival. Hmm.



The service was not bad! Pretty fast and the green tea is RM1.00.
This is what we ordered:

Tori Katsu Don : Deep fried chicken, onion, mushroom and egg boiled with sauce served on the rice at RM7.80.

Salmon Fried: Deep fried salmon served with rice, salad and macaroni at RM7.80.

Shake Batayaki: Pan fried salmon batayaki sauce served with rice, salad and macaroni at RM8.80.

I ordered this! It's Oyakodon consisting of boiled chicken, onion, mushroom and egg with sauce served on rice at only RM7.80.

Just in case you're thinking that I have such good memory of remembering all the ingredients, I actually took a pic of the menu itself!
And for who?? You, of course!! hahaha.
Nah, it's for my future reference. :)

Overall, we were pretty satisfied with what we had and I look forward to go there again soon.

Tonki Bento is located near Belissa Row in Pulau Tikus. Here's the map I took.
See how thoughtful I am! Haha.

Ps: Pls note that the promotion is only for lunch hour. The time ermm..the banner was folded at the bottom. So I can't read it. Haha.
So, please expect a different menu and price range after that time.

Oh and I just realised its business hours are: 11.30am-2.30pm/ 6.00pm -9.30pm.

Till then,


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Coming up!

A lil' bit of patience is all you need!

The photography freak is gonna be back real soon!


My Traveled Map

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