Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekend Trip to KL!

Back from my KL trip!
By right, today I should be back in uni but guess what!
My campus' closed due to the H1N1 and tadda!~
I have a week off.
Probably gonna have to replace it sometime later.
Sheesh, there goes my mid term break.

Back to business, I went to KL last weekend with my sister and GF.
Met up with UJ at Pudu Bus Terminal (one of my least favourite places to be at but I have no choice) then UJ drove us to Jalan Alor to have supper!
We ordered roasted chicken wings, clams and grilled stingray!
To be frank, that's probably the best chicken wings I've tasted so far!
Too bad no photos with me now. Probably will update later.

Woke up the next morning feeling excited cos it's shopping day!
But before shopping, we went to have breakfast at Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles at Taman Desa.

According to UJ, the soup was made with evaporated milk and some rum, I think.
It tasted really different, quite different yet delicious in its way.
I thought the milk taste was gonna spoil the whole noodle taste but no!
It was quite subtle but really nice.
But again, no photos with me. :(

First destination was The Curve where a couple of events were held there.
Such as The Biggest Loser Asia audition and MTV World Stage's roadshow.
Guess who was the MTV VJ hosting the event?
Hawt. Hawt. Hawt.
It's like she has this super loaded Energizer battery in her!
Seriously, she was so energetic and she definitely hyped up the crowd there!
I didn't manage to snap any pic of her, though.
But to those who have no idea who she is,
here's a peep:

I know I'm right about how hawt she is. :)

Then we went to IKEA to buy some essentials before heading to IKANO.
Honestly, it was my first time to both IKEA and IKANO.
Kinda sad cos I didn't try their Swedish Meatballs but I did buy their hotdog and curry puff!
So cheap yet sooooo delicious!

Sis and GF wanted to surprise UJ by buying her a cute pillow from IKEA so both GF and I sneakingly bought it while UJ and sis went to put some stuffs in the car.
We hid it under her bed with the hope to surprise her on her birthday end of this month.
However, she found it eventually cos she was probably searching high and low for her lost watch!
Haiya, mission failed.
So, to UJ, I hope u found ur watch already by now!!

As for dinner, we went to the ever so famous SS2 Murni!
My second time there but the place there was as crowded as usual.
We had Mi Raja, Claypot Lo Xu Fan, Roti Hawaii and Tomyam Soup!
All I can say is, YUUUUMMMMMMMMYYY!!
Words can't even begin to describe how delicious the food in Murni was.
A must try for those who go to KL to find good food!

Claypot Lo Xu Fan.

Mi Raja.

Roti Hawaii.
Made up of minced beef, sliced pineapples, sausages and cheeeeeeseeeee!

GF, sis and I.

That's for our first day in KL.

On the next day, we went to have breakfast at USJ 14.
Tried their Pan Mee!
Another first time!

You can either have it the dry noodle or the soupy one.
I ordered the dry one and it was pretty good!
I don't really know how to describe the taste but it was good.
Haha. How 'convincing'.

Sunway Pyramid was next!
Since I didn't do much shopping the day before, so I told myself I must make it up to yesterday.

In dilemma. Which pair should I buy?

I've always wanted to buy these sneakers since I bought myself a pair of skinny jeans early of the year.
But I couldn't find a really nice one with nice design.
I didn't wanna buy the typical Converse or North Star sneakers.
Their shoes are good but not their designs. Too common.
But this shop (can't remember the name) was exceptional!
They have plenty of different designs and I like that every design has only 1 pair for each size!
I guess the chances of bumping into someone with the same shoes should be low since I already took the most common size, SIX!
*evil grin*
Unless of course, the staff lied cos I asked for a new pair but she told me only 1 pair for 1 size.

Then, we walked and shopped as usual.
We bought a few other stuffs but I still couldn't find my pair of Nike Sneakers. :((
But when I finally found one I like, they ran out of sizes. :(((((

Bus leaving at 1630 so we had a quick lunch/tea break at Carl's Jr.
I never tried their burger before so I thought it's be nice to u know, try something new. :)

Not that I think the burger's huge also...probably they shrank the size?

Chilli cheese fries at Carl's Jr. Yummy-ness! :D

That's it for my KL trip!
I'm still craving to shop for more...
Shopping's never ENOUGH!

Let me leave u with this.
Presenting my latest crave:

My skin is not that darkkkk. Man, the toning. Haha.



JenKin Yat said...

very true..i think Carl's Jr's burger has shrunk as well..

CL said...

Haha. I was shocked when my sis n friend told me their burger is really huge. Sigh. How disappointed I am. :(

tboonkhoon said...

so enjoy in KL, hahahahaha...good!

CL said...

Haha, thanks Boon!

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