Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summary of the Past Week

Summary of what I've been up to for the past week:

1) Another addition to my nail polish family! :D

Never had a nail strengthener before! Hopefully this works well. :)

2) Country Hide Sling Bag (another new lurve!)

Silly pic so stubborn just won't rotate. Ish.

It costs quite a bomb to me if I were to pay for it alone but hehehe. The other 2 girls in my family paid a big sum of it!
Hence, it's not entirely mine. :( But it's alright! :D

3) Out having a good time with old pals! :)

Smoky Jack is located along UPR where all the famous clubs in Penang are.
Such as Mois.

Nice and cozy environment but the girls are wild! (us, I mean. :D)

*forgot to take a proper pic with YL. Will take from Judy soon!

4) And me wearing white to join a contest! Which contest you may ask?



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