Thursday, August 6, 2009

Some Time On Hands

My instinct of skipping classes is usually very inaccurate and today is no different as well.
I figured that the lecturers won't enter the classes yet I still presented myself only to find out that I should have followed my instinct instead.

After 1 week of 'holiday', the lecturers still decided not to enter the classes.
I wonder if they're afraid that this contagious disease will get to them if they are exposed to the students.
And yes, there are lecturers who are back yet they still didn't enter the class hence wasted the students' time (including mine) for waking up early in the morning just to enjoy the polluted air in the campus.

Okay fine sorry I'm being ungrateful again but I'm not quite a morning person and sleeping is one of my favourite past time.

Anyways, since I have quite some time on my hands, guess I'll just write about my newly found culinary skills which I didn't know I could have. Haha.

1) Baking skills

This isn't my first time baking but if I'm not wrong, one of the first few cakes I baked was during CTC camp where Judy taught me how to bake a biscuit cake.
Honestly, it's still one of the best cakes I've ever tasted! Thank u, Judy!

The pics below were taken around a month ago when I promised Babe that I'll bake a chocolate cake for him.
I wanted to mix the ingredients myself but Babe being Babe, he said pre-mix is a lot less hassle. Haha.

It wasn't tough at all but you must always get ready your baking utensils such as the appropriate tray and mixer.

Yes, it does look very distasteful as you mix it. But trust me, the outcome is far better than you expected! :))

The cake is now ready to be served! But the whipped cream melts easily so remember to refrigerate it and consume the cake when it's still cold!

We decided to give a shot in baking cupcakes as well! Hehehe. Oh boy, BAKING makes me HAPPY!

A simple tip for making the whipped cream:
**Pour the milk or liquified cream into a bowl and mix it well for a few minutes with a mixer. DO
boil it or mix with any other stuff to make it viscous.

In other words, FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS stated. Unless of course if you buy the whipped cream in the bottle.

*Just for fun*

2) Making sushi

I've never made sushi before but when Babe's around, it feels like dreams do come true! Haha.
Oh well, it wasn't really our actual plan to make sushi but when it comes to unagi and fish roe, who can resist!

Pardon me for my weird body position. Blame it on gymnastics!

It was so hilarious cos I was telling my friend that making sushi rice is very easy, just press the button on the cooker that says "SUSHI".
Then they were like, our cooker doesn't have any button with sushi word written on it!
Haha. Try your luck then. Maybe about 45mins? At least that's what written on the cooker when I pressed the button.

And I proudly present to you the result:

Satisfied. Heheh.

Well, I did more than just baking and making sushi. But these are the only pics that were taken so..I guess that's it for today.

And a gentle reminder for those who are about to embark their journey in baking/cooking/chopping:




Josephine said...

Can bake, can make sushi!

Kokd said...

Babe ar, you are so cute!!

judy said...

its so yummy!!! better than the biscuit cake!! but cooking is fun!!:)

Iris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CL said...

Josephine:Thank u! :D
KOKD: Errr...I will never know how to reply that statement of yours. Hahaha.
Judy: Haha..I think ou must hv lots of cooking experience, no? Must teach me more next time!! :D

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