Saturday, August 22, 2009

OXO Cafelab

This is like one my way overdue posts.

I brought Evelyn to OXO Cafelab which is located along the shoplots beside Queensbay Mall since we both never been there before.
It's quite prominent, easily spotted.

I didn't manage to capture a lot of pics though (in fact, only a few clear ones) since my friend here isn't a big fan of photography.
How I wish I could put up a pic of the cafelab here but all the pics I googled have url of the respective owners on it.

So, I don't wana take their pics hence, google it yourself! :)

Anyhooo, this is what happened when I tried to take Eve's photo:

She tried to avoid her pic from being taken.

I always wonder why we never had a decent photo together when we're hanging out except those taken during my sis' convo.

Anyway, I ordered spaghetti carbonara and we shared a cake that caught our attention when we first reached there.
Can't remember what cake is that because it's been too long.

Very yummy indeed!

The carbonara was good, but it could have been better if they use vermicelli instead of fettuccine.

Because I wasn't really hunting for new food, so we didn't order much.
But I really liked their service!
It was fast and efficient!

Will go there again in the future to try some other food! :)

and I'm................

...................missing LOVE.



Kokd said...

I love conchiglie.. go google it and see how it looks like. Spiralli is good too, while farfalle is hard to cook evenly..! Cook pasta next time okay?
Missing u.

mknace said...

;) :) :)
look tasty

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