Sunday, August 23, 2009

Miss Malaysia Universe 2009

Hence, the delayed posts of everything.

Anyway, since today is the day where the new Miss Universe will be crowned in Bahamas (or already crowned?), I decided to share something I recently found out about our dearest Miss Malaysia Universe 2009 : Joannabelle Ng from Sabah.

Heck, she's only 21!!!

And boyfriend is a pilot somemore.

Tsk tsk tsk. Such a great couple.

Anyway, I found this picture of hers where she was in a fire accident last year and a year after that she was crowned Miss Malaysia Universe 2009.

Joannabelle now.

Our nation's pride:

I am really happy to know the fire accident didn't deter her from having faith in herself and becoming a beauty queen.

I was once bitten by a bug called charlie last December and my cheek-chin area was severely burnt by the acid as well.
But look, I'm still fine!
But obviously I'm not gonna join some beauty queen pageant's not like I have the qualifications also, right?



I hope she wins tonight!

ALL THE BEST, Joannabelle!


Viya said...

Did she win?

Porcupine said...

Wait, so were you named after the bug or vice versa?

CL said...

Viya: Nope..Ms. Venezuela won. :(

POrcupine: Well..I think it was named charliebug long before I was there? or they probably expected me to be in the campus long before I came? Hahah.

Adrienne said...

I saw her interview on youtube. I laughed at her 3 wishes and biggest fear in the pageant.

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