Monday, August 17, 2009

Just a short update! Okay..maybe not.

I know it's not very typical of me to be MIA here although it's not such a long hiatus..
but somehow it's been really weird for me lately as I keep reminding myself to update my blog since I still have tonnes of things to blog about but I simply can't!
Because I have like so many assignments deadlines to meet and reports to do.
It's taking its toll on me, AGAIN.

Oh well, it seems a lot of my friends are having their mid term break now.
Too bad my campus cancelled our break if not I might be having as much fun as my friends are having now!
However, I'm not quite a person who likes holidays because they make me become a lazy fat pig as if I am not one already.
Okay fine lazy skinny pig. :)

Okay this post is so random I don't even know what to write but I have KFC for dinner today!
With a bunch of crazy friends, lab friends, classmates, friend whom I dream of when I need her to fetch me home, pregnant-with-3-year-old-baby friend, friend who throws everything outta my pencil case suddenly just to see my reaction and etc.
I wanted to have McD but fyi, Nibong Tebal does not have any McD franchise AT ALL!
But as weird as it may sound, it has 2 Pizza Hut and 2 KFC restaurants, located very near with each other.

I like Mondays now because Monday blues are definitely not for me this sem!
Wonder why?
Because Monday is the day I get to enjoy myself doing lab report..okay maybe not.
But it's the day when I get to talk crap to friends I seldom talk to for the past few years.
It gives me a sense of exhilaration and excitement because I am able to connect with more friends in my class and I <3 making friends. AHAHA.
Sounds wrong but I just feel that way somehow.
You have to be me to understand lar.

So I've been back in Penang almost every weekend (oh, I miscalculated. I never missed a weekend actually) and being the only person in the house who takes care of her skin more than anything else, I actually forgot to bring back my facial cleanser from my house.
Do you have any idea how it makes me feel??!!! or my skin feels for that matters??!!
It's been only a day without my facial cleanser, I already spotted one humongous zit on my forehead.
Damn stupid right.
Must drink more water d. Sigh.

Life's been pretty good but hectic so far without Babe around.
One month has passed and I'm still looking forward to the things I can do while waiting for him to be back.
I think I'm becoming more optimistic now. :)



Seirra said...

Is that what I'm being labeled as?...sad.....oth than that out of sight out of mind.

CL said...

Awww...don say like that le..haha. It's just something I can think of at the time I was writing my blog entry u see..haha. Well, u can't deny that's the most recent one, no? Hahah..u know u will always hv a special place in my heart right...hheeheh

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