Monday, July 6, 2009


Just a moment ago, I was so furious with my uni for categorizing blogspot under pornography.
Not only I can't view my own blog, I can't even sign in or view other's blog.
Only those in blogspots though.
I'm not sure if it was because of my pic in that swim wear which they think it's some kind of porno or was it caused by others in my uni.
No 'eye deer'.
My uni is just being ridiculous.
They cannot be more ridiculous than what they just did.

Anyway, here's my entry on my Malacca trip last week!

Babe drove both of us to Malacca for a getaway last Monday as he promised long long time ago.
We took off at about 3pm and reached Malacca an hour later.

Somehow camwhoring is a must during holidays.

After checking in, we decided to drive down to Malacca town.
The town was situated about 45mins away from the resort.
Poor babe had to drive for so long but I offered okie.. :)

First stop: The Stadthuys

It took us quite some time to actually find that place simply because the directions were all wrong on the map.
Lucky enough, he has good sense of direction.

Love the red!

With love!

Nothing beats spending the time with your loved one after NINE months of being physically separated.

Malacca is simply wonderful!

We went around the town to search for the famous chicken rice balls since it's a must try if anyone were to be in Malacca.
Too bad for us, we failed.
However, we met Darrel and he brought us to eat clams at a hidden alley.
If it wasn't for Darrel, we wouldn't have noticed it!

Group pic with the Malacca gang!
Thanks a lot you all!

Stomachs were still growling after that.
So, Darrel and friends brought us to the famous Satay Celup at Capitol Satay.
It's pretty much like Penang's Lok Lok, only difference was the sticks were dipped into boiling satay sauce unlike Lok Lok.

Darrel told us that the last time he came with his coursemates, the queue was like the distance of 3 shoplots.
We were there on Monday night yet we still had to queue up for like 20mins?

Nevertheless, it was a great experience cos if it wasn't for Darrel and friends, we wouldn't have known this place on our own.

My first day in Malacca ended after satay celup.
Pretty satisfying, if only more places in Malacca are developed like its town or better.

Day 2 is up next! :)

ps: If you'd notice, I didn't mention the name or road of the makan places because this is what you get when you don't update your blog right after your holidays. Sheesh. I need the map to name the road which is obviously not with me right now. Hehe.


Angie said...

y would they wanna categorize blogspot under porn????? silly isn't it???? hahahah.....

CL said...

Haha..told ya I am in a lame Engineering uni. sigh.

1PluS1=2 said...

i wan the chicken rice!! i wan the satay celup!!! awww.. i've been hearing bout it for countless times... but stil i havent taste it... ish!

CL said...

Haha..go down to Malacca then! My fren said chicken rice balls taste like normal chicken rice that's why i didn't go and find it in the end. :)

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