Sunday, July 26, 2009

Malacca III!

Just about time for me to blog about my 3rd day with Babe in Malacca!

Due to time constraint, Babe and I went to the A Famosa Water World on the last day of our trip after having breakfast at the same place as the day before.
Right before leaving the hotel, I took a pic of Babe and vice versa.

This is how the pic I took for him turned out:

And this, is how my pic turned out:

Oh well, at least I can put my url at the bottom. (=.=")
Anyhow,we went straight to the water world after I got over of being annoyed by him. :D

I didn't know what to expect cos I've never been there before but according to Babe, apparently it's quite big and kinda fun.
So, since I have so much trust in him (ahem), I was pretty excited and thought that probably I could have the best day of my trip on the last day in Malacca.

Then Babe told me, "Hmm..the park looks smaller than it used to be. Probably the last time when I came, I was small in size so all the slides looked huge back then."
I was like, "What.....!@#$%^." Nah, just kidding.
But that already took 30% of my excitement of the day away. ):
However, there never is a bad day when Babe is around.
So yeah.

*I wished I could do something to the 1st pic.*

There were only very few visitors as it was a weekday so we didn't have to queue up for the slides (which was the best thing that could ever happen when you're in a park).

I think we pretty much tried all the slides available there (except the kids' slides) in about 3 hours.
So, the rest was just playing the slides over and over again.

I did amaze myself though.
I went to the body slide with Babe and it was like so steep!
Definitely more than 50 degrees, at least.
I was very nervous at the moment when I walked up the staircase, thinking that I could have just died of heart attack or flew off the slides and got pulled down by gravity and hit the bottom of the slides with my tengkorak cracked open and my brain rolled towards Babe.

I mean, like really, I'm still searching for the new courage I found when I was on the slides.
Never have I thought I could actually survive going down that slide without even a scratch on me-self!
Ya la ya la..I'm exaggerating. But I was trembling okay..
I remember seeing a bunch of girls and guys looking at me when I reached the bottom while only 2 of their guy friends tried the body slide.
Heheheh. Bangga.

So, yeah I did enjoy myself (thanks to Babe) and I overcame my fear (of going down the body slide although I just realized I had that kind of fear in me which I hope is no longer a fear for me)!

Conclusion: Don't expect too much from the water world or it'll let you down and you won't die going down a body slide which is 50 degrees (or a little more) steep.

And to Babe, thanks for the Malacca trip! I enjoyed myself so much because of you and I look forward to the many many holiday trips with you in the future! *kisses+hugs*

*Gosh I think I just ruined my last day pics in Malacca with my wet hair! Sigh.

Till the next holiday trip,



Kokd said...

Your photoshop has improved dear!! And thank you dear =).

CL said...

Haha...u wouldn't wanna know what I used! :P

judy said...

its true!!! sudah pandai photoshop d!! hehe. u shall teach me :)

1PluS1=2 said...

wow bikini! *envy* haha! keep up with the good photoshop work! =D

CL said...

Haha..thank u thank u! :D

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