Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Malacca II

Second day in Malacca was even better!
We had breakfast provided by the resort in the Cowboy Town.
Babe and I chose to have Western Breakfast.

After satisfying our dearest tummies, we got ourselves prepared for some adventures at Animal World Safari.
As soon as we entered the safari, 2 tigers greeted us and the workers there asked us to pose behind the tigers.
I was a bit dumbfounded because I didn't expect the tigers to be there.
Then, they took a picture of us with the tigers and obviously wanted us to purchase it later. =.=
Anyhow, I quickly asked Babe to sneakingly take this pic!

If you'd notice, one of the workers' hand was trying to block Babe from taking a nice pic of me with the tiger!
Although he did spoil the picture a lil', but too late!

Beautiful parrots were making lots of noise when we arrived.
Amazingly enough, they are not tied to any chain or kept in a cage but they are free to walk and fly anywhere they like.
I tried teaching them a few words with the hope that they'll be able to repeat after me but to no avail.

Our timing can't be better than that day!
The safari shows all started about the time when we reached.
Not bad, huh.
At least we don't have to wait for long for the shows to commence.

Meanwhile, some pics!

Pardon my cacat-ed fringe. I don't know why my fringe becomes so weird as it grows longer.

Oh, one pic only. d:

The first show we watched was the Wild Wild West show.
It was not bad but it started with two 'Red Indians' riding their horses across the set, screaming.
Only for 3 seconds.
Then, they vanished.
I do not understand the purpose of that.
It did catch our attention but still...I expected more actions from them on the horses.
Then, a few comedians showed up, shooting each other with the fake guns.
I think they were trying to save the Red Indian girl from being taken by another cowboy.
Don't really get it. But it was pretty cool. The set and all.
The actors all seem so friendly on set.
But as soon as we got down to snap a few pictures with them, they seemed so unfriendly.

But the 'Red Indians' were not bad especially the one beside Babe.
At least, he seemed pretty approachable.

Next up was the Animal Show.
The schedule was pretty packed for us that they as we move from one show to another.
The animals were great. Much better than the Wild Wild West Show in my opinion.
As we entered the show area, we saw an Orang Utan drawing on a piece of paper.
Then, the emcee came out and the animals started performing.

This is a sunbear. He knows how to ride a scooter!
Then, we were even entertained by a little cute otter, who collected rubbish so cutely, without being instructed.
Of course, he's been trained before lar.

Then came the battle of the heroes.
Superman vs. Batman.
Both of them were really adorable!
They were competing on who could lift the barbell for a longer duration and guess who won?

Tadaa! Superman won. :)

After about 45 minutes of the animal show, we hurriedly walked to the next show: Bird Show.
Real busy and hot day.
Bought a chocolate ice cream while waiting for the show to start.

The Bird Show was pretty awesome, too!
Somehow I think animals and birds are better entertainers than humans. Hmm.
Although I don't really agree on them being entertainers to earn money like this.
I felt it's a bit torturing but I hope they are treated well there.
So, what's so cool about the show, you might ask?

Well, besides watching some birds flying around, one of the parrots (from Aussie) actually knows how to aim for your RM10.
Not from your pocket of course!
The emcee asked for Rm10 donations for the bird conservation fund.
Right after that, people started donating like crazy!
Especially the Iranians! They are very generous!! Like really!!

Can you see what's at the parrot's mouth?

Here are some of the pics for the show:

Then, we went to the chicken farm.
Not exactly farm but it's a place where they breed all species of chicken.
As soon as we entered, I can't stop smiling!
Because hundreds or probably thousands of hot chicks came to greet me!

They came running towards me as if I'm their food. =.="
But they were all so cute and I think they're all twins? Triplets? Quadruplets? Gosh.
I don't even know how to start naming them. Haha.

Boy, they sure are hawt, aren't they?

Right after that, we were supposed to go and watch the Elephant Show but Babe was a bit reluctant because he said he watched it before when he was small and it wasn't that nice.
So, we started walking around and snapped a few pics again!

Babe trying to imitate what I did earlier to the parrots.
He failed.

However, everybody else was at the Elephant Show so I pulled him there in the end.

Elephants playing football.
Or does it look more like a polo game without the mallet and horses?

This is interesting. The guy there was supposed to get some massages from the elephant.
Instead, he was asked by the emcee to lie on his back and the elephant, Lisa (I think) started 'massaging' his private part!
Lisa seems quite miang also.
I think that Iranian guy was enjoying it, though.

Then Babe drove us to the Eye On Malaysia!
It was my first time seeing it and I must honestly say, I was pretty amazed!
I agree that the view of Malacca from the eye isn't that breathtaking but looking at it from the ground was already more than enough for me!
We didn't enter the wheel though.
But I like the lighting there and so, we started doing some photography! :)

Then we walked and walked around for a little while before heading to the Malacca River Cruise.
We wanted to board the cruise but the worker there didn't allow us because they require a minimum of 10 people to be on the cruise.
Not very disappointed, we continued with our photography. Haha.

This gigantic ship behind was supposedly a Portuguese Warship turned into a museum. I can't remember its name.

The water wheel! As recommended by Darrel. So was the Malacca River Cruise.

Before we headed back to the resort, we had some light supper: chicken satay and Neslo!


Day III awaits!

ps: Probably most of you didn't know, one month's up and Babe will be leaving to Australia this Sunday. This morning was the last time we saw each other. I'll have to start my countdown again this Monday.

pps: Let's hope I'll be stronger this time around.


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