Thursday, July 16, 2009

It Isn't That Bad

or so, I told myself.
It's the 3rd time he's leaving so I suppose it should be easy-peasy compared to the many times before.

It's not easy, to hold back your tears in front of your fellow coursemates.
But I did what I had to do.
To look strong on the outside as I slowly find more strength within myself.

My man told me:

and indeed he kept to his promise!


..............we're going to see each other again tomorrow!
Although it's more like I'm going back to him, but heck! WHO CARES!


Despite that I'll probably only have like 3 hours with him, the fact that I get to see him again brings much joy to mua!!!!!!

Shit. I sound like a lil' kid.
CL, get a hold of yourself.......

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! *screams out loud till the whole hostel building collapse*


Quin said...

haih. so bittersweet la u...

wat a touching picture.. hahaha~

CL said...

Haha.thanks. Life is all about being bittersweet, no?

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