Thursday, July 23, 2009


In case you haven't noticed, I've been refraining myself from blogging daily.
Results havent' been that convincing, what more to spend so much time blogging, right?

I have a lot of things to say, a lot of thoughts to share and a whole lot more of complaints to talk about.
But lately, after Babe left for Melbourne, I've been reflecting a lot on my life.

I ask myself questions.
Questions even I couldn't find appropriate answers for.
I doubt myself for so many times in so many ways for such a long time eversince I was in high school.
Could there be no solutions to these questions?
I don't believe that, either.

People say, think positively, stay optimistic and be more open and all.
Is it really possible to be in that position?
Maybe to some, yes because they only look on the bright side of life.
But I just can't, no matter how many times I ask myself to, somehow the overwhelming negative thoughts get the better of me.

Sigh, so emotional I am.
Probably it's just PMS.
Let's hope it is.

It all comes down to practically everything: Love, family, friends and academics.
Nothing of the above can I escape from.
Maybe it is very common to deal with all of the above in our everyday life but I'm starting to feel tired.
Tired of being labeled as the girl who looks like she has everything when actually she doesn't.
Tired of competing with everybody else just to make myself feel and look good.

Okay, enough for today.
Maybe I'll get back to writing about the 3rd day of my Malacca trip with Babe soon.


Because I need to get rid of these thoughts and place them somewhere before it gets overloaded in my tiny brain.


ps: Just before I end this, I want to tell u all that my English class is not as interesting as I thought it would be. Yes, read that right. ENGLISH CLASS in UNIVERSITY. Maybe I should be more grateful. Sigh.


Kokd said...

Bb, I dont mean to change you... cause i love you just the way you are. It has not been easy has it? Guess its time to switch back to study mode. See you soon.

Ping Ping said...

dun worry, mine was boring too...I can't believe english classes are boring...sigh, it really depends on the one who teaches

CL said...

KOKD: I didn't say you changed me. Even if you did, you changed me for the better. :)

PP: My lecturer is awesome. But the syllabus is boring...bleh.

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