Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Sire Restaurant

Went for dinner at The Sire Restaurant last week with Babe.
Both of us didn't know what to expect because we haven't been there before but it was recommended by my we gave it a shot.
The place is located on King St, opposite Esplanade in Penang.

We were attended by a waiter and he brought us straight into the restaurant.
On our way to our table, we passed through lots of dining tables, kitchen with cooks and waiters and washrooms.
So can you imagine how big the place is?
From the exterior, one might have expected the restaurant to be a simple and classy one.
It is classy but it doesn't look as simple as it looks.
The ambience was really nice with the yellow lighting (I especially like the yellow and the dim lighting).
There were only 3 tables occupied including ours.

Like I said, with no expectation, we had a hard time trying to select the dishes as we didn't know it's a restaurant for fine dining .
Flip and flip, everything was so expensive.
Babe said it's once in a while so it's okay! Hehe.
We ordered Salmon Teriyaki and Lamb Chop.
As for the drinks, we ordered Sky Juice. :)
Obviously la..we are still students after all.

First up was the appetizer.
Simple as it was, they served us 2 pathetic pieces of garlic bread.
Even Mizi Bistro wasn't that stingy. Cheh.

This is the lamb chop.
2 thumbs up, I'd say.

Teriyaki Salmon.
Yumm..but a lil' too dry though.

The down point of the restaurant?
They presented us with the CORRECT bill with the WRONG entry.
We were charged extra RM15 for some Mixed Fruit Juice and Cinnamon drink.
So please, whenever you pay for something, please remember to check the bill.

That's it for my dinner this time!
My advice before going to the restaurant : Bring at least RM100 for two pax and CHECK THE BILL!

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