Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lunch At Sambos Cafe

It was last Tues when Babe decided to clean his old house and clear some stuff to move to his new home.
I tagged along and we left Kiki alone at the new house..
Poor dog, he was staring at us when we left..

Started off by doing the lawn.
Man, it was hard work!
The sun was already right on top of our head cos we went there too late. :(
But we managed to clear it in an hour!

In action!
As for lunch, I suggested Sambos Cafe, which is located along the shophouses opposite USM Main Campus.
It's beside the new hostel building.
ACL brought me there last month and I think it was quite nice though we were the only customers there when I took Babe there.

Took some shots before savoring the food.

Part of the cafe.

Babe ordered Sweet and Sour Chicken rice and a glass of 100 Plus.

As for me, I ordered Ice Blended Chocolate and Sesame Chicken Rice.

The food ranges from RM4.50 to RM5.50, roughly there.
Drinks are around RM2.50 and above.
Ice blended chocolate is RM4.50.
They have both ala carte and set lunch.
Try it if you happened to pass that area!

Ps: Now that he's back, I can play with his Canon EOS 450D! *joyness*


adri-enne said...

I like the lawn mowing pic hahahaha. Nice to see couples being happy and doing things together.

The food's pretty cheap! But rice to dish ratio is not that balanced.

I'm so sleepy now, Chia Li :( It's 12.30pm. Perhaps I'd take a nap..

CL said...

Hahah..when u come back, I'll bring u to places alright? Go take a nap then..u must be working too hard in the morning..hhee

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