Sunday, June 21, 2009

First Weekend In KL For 2009

I can sit down and take a proper breath to post this up.
It's been longggg, I know.

I went down to KL (Sunway, to be exact) during the weekend.
Oh well, I actually planned to stay longer but due to some unforseen circumstances, I had to go back to the lil and super hot island.
At least, I feel home now. :)

Anyway, here's my 3 day diary:

---19th June, 2009---

I reached KL at 6pm and man, the jam at Jalan Duta or something like that was really like strawberry jam.
Okay,I'm just being sarcastic but you get me, don't cha?
I was hoping to see him at the very moment when I stepped down from the bus.
But alas, I didn't see him so I was rather disappointed.
Then he came walking to me after a few seconds and my feelings were just indescribable.

Went to have dinner with with his family at Dragon Bay Restaurant in Sunway Pyramid.
Good food, good ambience but no good photos.
In fact, NO photos taken at all.
Of course, being a photography addict like myself, I cannot really hold myself back when I have such opportunity but I'm with his parents la, come on.
But trust me, the tauhu dish was AWESOME!

My mom asked me to pass "bak chang" aka dumpling to my bro who has already changed his stateship to KL.
But time was constraint, so the dumplings had to overnight with me in Sunway.

---20th June, 2009---

A brand new day with Babe!
Started the day off by attending Babe's bro, Terry's prize presentation.
It was my first time having a look at Sri KL.
Not bad for a private school, I must say.

Then we went to SS14 to get a cake for Babe's dad since tomorrow's Father's Day.
Man, there were two cake houses side by side and weird enough, only one of them was crowded with customers.
I wonder what makes the difference.
Is it the taste of the cakes produced or is it just the more the merrier?
We ended buying from the one which is less crowded instead.

Oh and before that I decided to camwhore AGAIN as usual. Haha.
Trying to show off my manicure.
I did it on my own. So, less complaints, more compliments please.. :)


Then we went to have dinner at Overseas Restaurant in Subang Parade with his family.
We wanted to surprise his dad with the cake and tried a couple of ways.
Luckily, at 22 years of age, my reflex was pretty fast and it went well, I think.

---21st June, 2009---

Left Sunway at 10am and I got sick throughout my journey back to Penang.

Damn, I have such low tolerance.


Till then,




adri-enne said...

Aww.. the couple's reunited again! *Plays some happy fairytale song in background*

Anyways, isn't pedicure done on the toenails, darling?

CL said...

oh yea i wanted to say manicure (i just corrected the same word again again to manicure thanks to KK). but my mind only keeps registering pedicure i duno why. I SWEAR I know the difference!! Hahah

adri-enne said...

Yea yea I believe you. Hahaha.

AHhhhhHHhhHHhh so lazy to study. One more exam to go. Then I have to work on my project again. Sigh - I swear I should get paid for doing this project!

Hmphhh anyways, nice change. I wanna do something at my blog too. But everytime I write, I might get emo. Maybe I'll just post short stories or just 1 or 2 pictures.

CL said...

Yeah..if u're lazy to write, let the pics do the talking! But u're a good don't be lazy! Write more! Hhaha

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