Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Beat It" No More

I guess by now everybody in the whole world knew that our King of Pop, MJ has passed away yesterday early in the morning (Malaysian time) due to cardiac arrest.
It's very saddening because his death came too sudden as compared to Farrah Fawcet's since hers was pretty expected.
But to lose two of such talented people on earth, it definitely affected us in some ways.

I was never really an avid fan of MJ, I must say.
But when it comes to listening to his songs, I usually sing along with it.
I remember when I was much younger, I used to play a compilation CD with one of his most famous songs, "Earth Song", which was released in conjunction of the World Environment Day.
Go here:
You should really watch the music video if you haven't.
It never failed to remind me of the cruel things humans did to the world.
I hope everybody else feels the same too and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Recently after his death, I heard this song called "Ben" by the late MJ when he was only in his teenage years.
I like the song because it seems very easy listening and most important of all, it makes us realise how important a friendship is.

Such a great musician but the world couldn't even enjoy his final concerts in London.
Although he's no longer with us in this world, he'll forever be in our heart.
A great man like him will live forever in mine for sure.


Ps: Nobody does the moonwalk the way he does it. Way to go, MJ!

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