Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Sire Restaurant

Went for dinner at The Sire Restaurant last week with Babe.
Both of us didn't know what to expect because we haven't been there before but it was recommended by my we gave it a shot.
The place is located on King St, opposite Esplanade in Penang.

We were attended by a waiter and he brought us straight into the restaurant.
On our way to our table, we passed through lots of dining tables, kitchen with cooks and waiters and washrooms.
So can you imagine how big the place is?
From the exterior, one might have expected the restaurant to be a simple and classy one.
It is classy but it doesn't look as simple as it looks.
The ambience was really nice with the yellow lighting (I especially like the yellow and the dim lighting).
There were only 3 tables occupied including ours.

Like I said, with no expectation, we had a hard time trying to select the dishes as we didn't know it's a restaurant for fine dining .
Flip and flip, everything was so expensive.
Babe said it's once in a while so it's okay! Hehe.
We ordered Salmon Teriyaki and Lamb Chop.
As for the drinks, we ordered Sky Juice. :)
Obviously la..we are still students after all.

First up was the appetizer.
Simple as it was, they served us 2 pathetic pieces of garlic bread.
Even Mizi Bistro wasn't that stingy. Cheh.

This is the lamb chop.
2 thumbs up, I'd say.

Teriyaki Salmon.
Yumm..but a lil' too dry though.

The down point of the restaurant?
They presented us with the CORRECT bill with the WRONG entry.
We were charged extra RM15 for some Mixed Fruit Juice and Cinnamon drink.
So please, whenever you pay for something, please remember to check the bill.

That's it for my dinner this time!
My advice before going to the restaurant : Bring at least RM100 for two pax and CHECK THE BILL!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Beat It" No More

I guess by now everybody in the whole world knew that our King of Pop, MJ has passed away yesterday early in the morning (Malaysian time) due to cardiac arrest.
It's very saddening because his death came too sudden as compared to Farrah Fawcet's since hers was pretty expected.
But to lose two of such talented people on earth, it definitely affected us in some ways.

I was never really an avid fan of MJ, I must say.
But when it comes to listening to his songs, I usually sing along with it.
I remember when I was much younger, I used to play a compilation CD with one of his most famous songs, "Earth Song", which was released in conjunction of the World Environment Day.
Go here:
You should really watch the music video if you haven't.
It never failed to remind me of the cruel things humans did to the world.
I hope everybody else feels the same too and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

Recently after his death, I heard this song called "Ben" by the late MJ when he was only in his teenage years.
I like the song because it seems very easy listening and most important of all, it makes us realise how important a friendship is.

Such a great musician but the world couldn't even enjoy his final concerts in London.
Although he's no longer with us in this world, he'll forever be in our heart.
A great man like him will live forever in mine for sure.


Ps: Nobody does the moonwalk the way he does it. Way to go, MJ!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lunch At Sambos Cafe

It was last Tues when Babe decided to clean his old house and clear some stuff to move to his new home.
I tagged along and we left Kiki alone at the new house..
Poor dog, he was staring at us when we left..

Started off by doing the lawn.
Man, it was hard work!
The sun was already right on top of our head cos we went there too late. :(
But we managed to clear it in an hour!

In action!
As for lunch, I suggested Sambos Cafe, which is located along the shophouses opposite USM Main Campus.
It's beside the new hostel building.
ACL brought me there last month and I think it was quite nice though we were the only customers there when I took Babe there.

Took some shots before savoring the food.

Part of the cafe.

Babe ordered Sweet and Sour Chicken rice and a glass of 100 Plus.

As for me, I ordered Ice Blended Chocolate and Sesame Chicken Rice.

The food ranges from RM4.50 to RM5.50, roughly there.
Drinks are around RM2.50 and above.
Ice blended chocolate is RM4.50.
They have both ala carte and set lunch.
Try it if you happened to pass that area!

Ps: Now that he's back, I can play with his Canon EOS 450D! *joyness*

Sunday, June 21, 2009

First Weekend In KL For 2009

I can sit down and take a proper breath to post this up.
It's been longggg, I know.

I went down to KL (Sunway, to be exact) during the weekend.
Oh well, I actually planned to stay longer but due to some unforseen circumstances, I had to go back to the lil and super hot island.
At least, I feel home now. :)

Anyway, here's my 3 day diary:

---19th June, 2009---

I reached KL at 6pm and man, the jam at Jalan Duta or something like that was really like strawberry jam.
Okay,I'm just being sarcastic but you get me, don't cha?
I was hoping to see him at the very moment when I stepped down from the bus.
But alas, I didn't see him so I was rather disappointed.
Then he came walking to me after a few seconds and my feelings were just indescribable.

Went to have dinner with with his family at Dragon Bay Restaurant in Sunway Pyramid.
Good food, good ambience but no good photos.
In fact, NO photos taken at all.
Of course, being a photography addict like myself, I cannot really hold myself back when I have such opportunity but I'm with his parents la, come on.
But trust me, the tauhu dish was AWESOME!

My mom asked me to pass "bak chang" aka dumpling to my bro who has already changed his stateship to KL.
But time was constraint, so the dumplings had to overnight with me in Sunway.

---20th June, 2009---

A brand new day with Babe!
Started the day off by attending Babe's bro, Terry's prize presentation.
It was my first time having a look at Sri KL.
Not bad for a private school, I must say.

Then we went to SS14 to get a cake for Babe's dad since tomorrow's Father's Day.
Man, there were two cake houses side by side and weird enough, only one of them was crowded with customers.
I wonder what makes the difference.
Is it the taste of the cakes produced or is it just the more the merrier?
We ended buying from the one which is less crowded instead.

Oh and before that I decided to camwhore AGAIN as usual. Haha.
Trying to show off my manicure.
I did it on my own. So, less complaints, more compliments please.. :)


Then we went to have dinner at Overseas Restaurant in Subang Parade with his family.
We wanted to surprise his dad with the cake and tried a couple of ways.
Luckily, at 22 years of age, my reflex was pretty fast and it went well, I think.

---21st June, 2009---

Left Sunway at 10am and I got sick throughout my journey back to Penang.

Damn, I have such low tolerance.


Till then,



Monday, June 15, 2009


Give me some time..I've been updating my blog on my laptop regularly but haven't managed to find time to post them up yet.
Will try to spice my blog up real soon!

Watch out! :))


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