Saturday, May 2, 2009

Stay At Home Day 1

Stayed at home the whole day.

The best thing that I always do when I’m alone at home is sleeping.

Maybe it’s just so comfortable to be at home that all I wanna do is to curl myself on the comfortable mattress and sleep the whole day if it’s possible.

My biological clock is also a little screwed up, too. I sleep and eat at the wrong time.

Usually when I’m at hostel, I get hungry easily when the clock strikes noon.

But now, even when the clock strikes 3 or 4pm, my tummy will still be normal.

Not hungry, yet not full.

I did try to indulge myself in reading some fictional books.

I started with The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards. It’s supposed to be a touching story..have yet to finish it though.

Later at night, I have a series of dramas to watch on the tv!

Let me list it down (only during weekdays though):

5pm Kinship (A Singaporean drama encircling about family and love, got a handsome I have to watch)

6pm Another Singaporean drama which I’ve not taken notice of the title yet. Heehee. Detective story.

7pm Brink of Law (A must watch TVB drama!! Interesting story line and what’s more, Stephen Ma’s in it! He never fails to catch my attention. Still one of my favorite actors in TVB besides Moses Chan! Heheh.)

I know I seldom mention Moses Chan as my favorite TVB actor but he has this charming look that I can’t resist! And his height is not bad, you know. Hehe. As for Stephen Ma, it’s like since forever since I liked him. Although he has small eyes, but there’s this thing about him that intrigues me to want to see and know more of him. Haha. Star struck dee~

Next, I wanna talk about the recent programmes I watched on tv. Please be warned that it’s gonna be filled with my complaints.

AIM 16 was aired live tonight as well. My conclusion on this so called the most prestigious music award in Malaysia is: SUPER LAME.

During the blue carpet interview, I can even hear Naz at the background asking if he should stop Ajai and Nurul when it should be Ajai and Marsya.

If you know the history of this used to be famous couple in our music industry, you should know what I’m talking about. And 90% of the time during the blue carpet interview, I can barely hear Naz’s voice. But he’s still cute, so what the heck.

The night only got better when I saw Faizal Tahir with his new hairstyle. Short! So goooooood looking!!!!

Really irresistible lo. And his performance with Rossa was superb.

Somewhere during the show, you can even see a guy at the front stood up from time to time and raised his hands to direct the audiences to applaud. So lame, okay. I mean, I know there’s nothing wrong with what he’s doing but goodness, must the camera actually show him on live TV for several times? It’s so not pro. Some more Ntv7 is my favorite local channel after 8tv. Sigh.

Then Adibah Noor must announce to everybody saying that the award winners should know how to dismiss themselves after hearing the AIM music theme being played while receiving and delivering speech because the airing time is limited. I think it’s a bit rude lo. If you wanna make such announcement, do it during commercial time la. Rossa was so funny because when she was receiving her award, she went like, “Oh I know my time is up since the music is being played now” jokingly, of course.

Then they even displayed the wrong winner on tv for duno which award already. For example if the winner of the best album award is A, on tv, it was displayed B. Sigh. Don’t know what to say about our local tv channel’s management. They don’t do it all the time. But when it comes to live shows, you can see the whole atmosphere becomes kelam kabut usually. I know it’s not easy to do live shows, but at least after so many years, they could have done better than this.

I even watched Déjà vu on Tv2 at night. Anything and everything Denzel Washington acts in, it’s gotta be a must watch too! I first realized him in American Gangster which still remains as one of my most favorite movies till this very day.

I just love how he looks so calm and cool in movies but in Déjà vu, he’s a bit off. Probably it’s just the role he’s in. I liked the story, the actor and how it made me keep watching till 3am the next morning.

I know crazy, right? But I don’t really get the actual outcome of the story.

It’s like Back to the Future where in this movie, the police has this machine to go back to the past and Denzel Washington as a cop who lost his partner in a recent terrorist bombing incident, tried to change the past.

In the end, those who were dead, are still alive. All 543+1 of them. So weird, right?

In the end, I still don’t know if they are all still alive or dead. Pretty confusing, I’d say. But I still like the thrill it gave me.

CONLUSION of my first weekend at home since holiday started: Filled with TV programmes and ZZZzzZzz.

ps: If you've watched Dejavu before and TOTALLY understand the movie, please enlighten me. :)



Kokd said...

hahaha.. So high tech a kopi tiam got wireless internet.. Really cool u know! Seems that things have changed even in this few months I have been gone. Keep strong okay? I'll be back!


Jaryn said...

i love moses chan tooooooooooooo!!

ck lam said...

Hi CL...noticed you with a new hair style looked good with curly hair too :) By the way, thanks for visiting my blog.

Holiday is round the weekend, hope it will be an enjoyable holiday for you.

judy said...

ur blog is super funni n entertaining!!! hows hol? are u working or being lazy princess at home??? kekeke=p keep me updated k. lets go out=p

CL said...

sorry for the hiatus!
KOKD: When you come back, we go online together at the kopitiam k...hehe

JARYN: Yesh! Moses Chan rocks!

CK Lam: Thanks for visiting my blog and for the compliment too! I love visiting you blog! When my bf is back, i'm gonna lok thru ur blog to get ideas of where to eat! :)

JUDY: I'm working during the weekends! Only sat and sun. when u free ar?

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