Friday, May 1, 2009

Shopping Day Two!

It’s Labor Day!

The day where most labors should be staying at home to relax and chill instead of spending their time shopping!! But heck, sales is everywhere.

Hardly can find a good reason to stay at home also. Haha.

Sis and I planned this day 2 weeks ago even before my exams ended. :P

Woke up at 9am, preparing ourselves to shop at Sunshine Square as it’s One Day Sale! Yippee!

Oh well, I shouldn’t be so excited after all since I’m not the loaded one.

But shopping is such a great stress reliever.

Despite Swine flu is spreading even to Asia already, there was jam everywhere neat Sunshine Square.

Penang surely has lots of shopaholics lo. I parked at the Suntech building and they charged us RM2 per entry.

I think it was quite reasonable la because if you were to wait and find a parking lot in the SSQ building just to get free parking, in the end, you’ll just be wasting your fuel and energy nia.

And tadaa!

Our shopping began again.

This time I bought quite some stuffs. Haih.

A pair of long pants, a putti, a pair of Triumph swim suit which was really a bargain because it was a branded one and I’ve been dying to find a really nice one since I last bought the Schwarzenbach swim suit.

Hahah. Haiyo.

I don’t know why but I think I have an odd obsession towards swim suits.

So I’m hoping Babe would make my buy worthwhile when he comes back…Hehe.

We even went to Queensbay again after SSQ because sis wanted to go to Nichii so much but in the end we didn’t buy anything from there also.

A lot of nice clothes I would say. But the prices range does not worth the clothes there.

Oh and do you know who won OIAM 3? It’s Tomok, the lil boy whom I had a very small crush on when I was much younger and he was still in this boy band called New Boyz. He’s the only one in the group I can remember cos he was the lead singer and the best looking among all, of course. Haha. But don’t you think it’s pretty obvious that Paul Moss and Syafinaz have always wanted him to win? In the beginning of the finale, he got the lowest votes and by right, BY RIGHT, he should be eliminated on that night itself. But in the end, he got in somehow. I just don’t get it. At first, this OIAM show is already so nonsensical, instead of finding new talents, they allow experienced singers to enter as well. How’s that fair to those who are still new and has no experience like Aweera? Esther might have some experience in singing in clubs and lounges but at least she’s not one of those famous people like Tomok and Sarah.


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