Friday, May 8, 2009

Pre-Wesak Day

It’s a day before Wesak Day and Eve’s 21st birthday!

Too bad I can’t be joining her birthday celebration over in KL.

Anyway, my mom took a day off today and we decided to visit the Buddhist temples in Pulau Tikus area and also the Mahindarama Temple.

The day was practically burning our skin.

First stop was the temple with the biggest sleeping Buddha.

I tried to remember the name but to little avail.

If I’m not mistaken, it’s known as Wat Chaiy…. something.

So we went in and paid respect to the Buddha and started snapping away. Hehe.

Custom made for big foot.

It’s amazing how a small camera phone can show how much of a photography person one can be.

I’m talking about my mom, of course. Now I know where I got my interest in photography from. Haha.

With a milk bottle in my hand, we then went to the Mahindarama Temple.

To those who knew where I used to stay, you should know where the temple is.

I’ve been meaning to visit the temple because as a Buddhist (yes, to most of you in my uni, I’m NOT a Christian), I find it very peaceful every time I visit the temple.

Call me superstitious or not, I feel that way somehow.

So, mom and I prayed again and took a few pics.

But this time, we were rushing because we parked the car right in front of the row of candles.

But they are not lit of course. I ended up taking a few snaps only.


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