Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's Mother's Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

The day to celebrate the one and only person who would sacrifice everything for us just to ensure we’re safe and happy.

So, what have you done for her on this very day?

Maybe for us as students, we could hardly do much.

Well, leave the jewellery and dinner for the elder siblings, we could still do some house chores to let her rest more especially for those moms who are working today, like my mom.

My mom has been the best mom in the world (my world, at least).

She has been working really hard just to make sure my family has the best she could give to us.

I’ve always been closer to my mom than my dad for some reasons.

I looked up to my mom as someone who inspires and motivates me at times when I’m down.

She doesn’t need to reward me with expensive gifts when my results are good or during my birthday.

It’s been 22 years she has taken care of me.

She’s a lady who gives us everything yet asks for nothing in return.

I’m grateful more than ever to have her.

Everyone who knows me close enough can tell that I love my mom a lot.

I talked about her all the time to them and I can never imagine how my world would turn out without her love.

As a child, I do take her for granted at times.

But as I grow older, I began to understand her better and now I’m doing my best to not hurt her feelings and spend more time with her whenever I can.

Seeing that both my brother and sister are working now, all I could wish for is for her to retire by the time I step into the working world as well.

I’m not really a huggy person but I gave her a hug today.

It feels good to hug somebody you love so much because I believe simple gesture like this does mean a lot.

I could continue a whole long entry solely about my mom but I guess I should stop now.

I wished she could read this but I guess it’s rather impossible.

Anyhow, I just wanna say;

I LOVE YOU, MUMMY! You’re and have always been the brightest star in my life. I’m here because of you and I’ll repay you one day soon after I graduate. Thank you for everything you’ve done and given me throughout these years. I love you to bits! :)


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