Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hair Cut Again!

I decided to get my hair chopped again today. I know-lah..crazy right?

But since young, my hair has been really thick and trust me, it’s not always a good thing to have thick hair.

I find it difficult to manage so my mom asked me to trim my hair.

I heeded her advice and went to Apex Haircut at the Yellow House in Sg. Dua with sis.

But before that, we went to Queens again to get some stuffs first.

Sis bought another present for her friend’s daughter at Toys‘R’Us and a good Samaritan offered her Star Card to my sis so that she (my sis) could buy the present at 50% off price.

Then I bought this:

Oh and when we first reached Queens, we were asked to write our name and phone number by a Lancome staff at the entrance and with just that, we were entitled to a complimentary eyebrow trimming session and allowed to try their new mascara at their lash lab.

I didn’t go for the eyebrow trimming but my sis did.

The staff at the Lancome counter in Jusco was really friendly but one of the two staffs in the lash lab looked as if somebody has just stepped on her tail.

Unlucky me got her to apply the new mascara on me.

She simply applied the mascara on me and the mascara smudged on my eyelid and under my eyes but she didn’t even care.

She was so harsh on my eyes, ok.

Immediately after she applied the mascara on me, my eyes became teary because of the force she put on my eyelids.

Worst, we were supposed to try their NEW mascara but none of them care to even explain or introduce to us the mascara they applied on my sis and I.

I even took a pic of that sulky looking staff for everyone else to see and know her poor service to customers.

**Can't upload again. Sigh.

Apex Haircut is next! It was my first time there, my sis suggested that place.

The place was not big. But customers kept coming.

They only have 3 hairstylists at that time.

We were greeted by a friendly woman who seems to own the place because the other 2 are young, hunky (maybe a little) and good looking guys.

No wonder all the customers were female at the time we went there. Heehee.

However, due to the limited workers and quite a number of customers, we waited for quite some time.

I’m pretty satisfied with the results. I might go there again.

Be it because of the hunks or the skills! Haha.

You know, I think I’ve been pretty lucky while having my hair cut.

The first time was when I had my hair permed beginning of the year, the woman’s assistant, Alex looks like Alexander Wang Lee Hom! Haha..I’m serious.

I wanted to take his pic but was a little too shy. Heehee.

Then the 2nd time was cut by a don’t count that la k.

Now, the 3rd time, another good looking guy cut my hair! this lucky or what?

The latest guy’s name is Anson if I’m not mistaken.

Let’s see how long this good luck charm will last! HAHAHAHA.

PS: Happy 21st Birthday, lil’ girl!


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