Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Girls' Day Out

Stayed at home again.

But had dinner date with grandma.

Brought her out to have dinner at a chu-char place near KOMTAR which I don’t remember its name.

I’ve been there since I was very small.

But looks like its glory days are over, when we went there, my family was the only customers.

Then we ordered drinks. An elderly woman came to take our orders but most of the drinks we wanted such as herb tea and barley weren’t available.

So we ended up ordering sky juice and chrysanthemum.

The place hasn’t changed much, the cashier counter still sells candies which I used to buy. Heehee.

Later at night, CY, Eve and I met up for a drinking session.

I suggested Coffee Island because I’ve been dying to visit that place since months ago.

To be honest, I had high expectations on this place since many have been talking about it and all.

But to me, the place is overrated. I ordered Chocolate Island while Eve and CY ordered watermelon juice and oreo blended or something respectively.

CY's oreo blend.

Eve's watermelon juice

My choc island!

CY also ordered ham & egg sandwich.

It feels nice to be able to catch up after some time and especially after exam is over.

The Choc Island was much of a disappointment to me because I expected the chocolate to be a whole lot thicker.

Oreo blend was okay I guess. I didn’t taste the watermelon juice though.

CY’s sandwich was rather tasteless to me or probably it’s just my taste buds.

Just so you know, I can’t really differentiate sweet and sour stuffs.

Unless the two tastes vary significantly, then I can tell.

So, don’t bother to ask me if the coffee is too sweet or whether the apple is sour or not.

I can’t give you an accurate answer. Sigh…what is wrong with me, I wonder.

The atmosphere in Coffee Island was alright but the service is a little poor because the place is kinda big and the waiters could hardly respond to our signals.

The food and drinks are average to me. What say you?

Conclusion for today’s hang out spot: I’ll never go there for a second time.


ps: I called it girls' day out because no man is involved at all for the day! :)


adri-enne said...

Awww I would love to join you guys for this!

judy said...

i agree with u cl!!! coffee island is just average=/

CL said...

Adryn: Haha..you're missing out a lot babe..

Judy: Haah..glad u think of it that way too! but so bad la..like cheong sui coffee island like that..haha

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