Monday, May 18, 2009

Freedom Again!

Finally I’m free again! Yes, I’ve been working for the past 3 days. To my friends who saw me there, I’m sorry for not being able to stop and talk to you all because I was kinda busy at that time. Hehe. Feeling exhausted is definitely an understatement when you have to stand and talk continuously for 10 hours. I got to know a lot of new friends and I even smiled to hundreds of strangers. Truth be told, I’ve never been that friendly before in my life! My skin has not been so thick before and I amazed myself when I came out of it alive. There were moments of embarrassment, joy and no tears shed. Haha. It’s been really a wonderful experience but I guess I should have enough of it. It’s not that I don’t like the people there but I guess I’m not suitable as a salesperson. I feel that I am not convincing enough, hence explaining why my sales weren’t that good. However, I did conquer my fear of approaching strangers and I hope I learned something from it. Furthermore, this experience showed me a new perspective of how a human reacts when desperation for something material is involved.

Funny things do happen during my interactions with some of the customers. Don’t you think it’s weird when you’re promoting something to the customer but the customer turned out to promote his stuff to you instead? In just 3 days, I was approached by 4 people from 4 different companies who offered me part time jobs in their respective fields. I’m really honored by their moves but I have a hard time believing in strangers. Probably that’s why strangers don’t believe me as well. Haha. I’ve got their name cards, ranging from sales, banking and insurance companies to body slimming company. Scary, I thought.

So you see, all you people out there who complain of being unemployed, it’s really up to your own decisions. I believe there are still many jobs available locally, only that they are probably not up to your expectations. Who knows I could be one of them after I graduate. *crossedfingershopei’mnot*

Ps: I was offered another job again this morning! Haha. But sorry BK, I have to reject your offer due to some reasons.

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