Wednesday, May 13, 2009

First Part Time Job of The Year

Was it fated or just coincidental?

I texted my friend, ST on Wednesday and asked her if she has any job to recommend me.

I know I could go back to my old workplace but I was thinking of getting a new experience at a whole different place, you know, just to widen my network in a way.

She told me to go for a briefing that Wednesday evening regarding a new product launched by one of the major Telcos in Malaysia as they’ll be having a road show in Gurney Plaza this weekend.

So, I did and at first I was pretty taken aback during the briefing because I’m totally new with this product called broadband.

I’ve never had any broadband knowledge in my life ever and now I’m supposed to inform everybody about Mbps, HSPA, Modem etc.

I did think of rejecting the job but I gave it a shot because I guess it’d be good for my reputation and experience as well.

But I was pretty okay with the job also mainly because I have my friends with me!


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