Thursday, April 23, 2009

Top Of The -----

Man, it sure feels good to be on the top for once.


Neh neh neh bu bu to YOU!


I've decided...oh ok I have not exactly decided yet if I should really go back.
But for the past few days I've been really homesick and I was a lil sick yesterday.

Reason being not getting enough LOVEEEEE.

Sad, right?

As pathetic as it may sound, I need love to push myself further especially during these times.
I was really down yesterday but today my mood has gotten better!


Don't ask me why I'm on the top....I prefer to keep it to myself!

Another paper is done!
Left with 2 now.

Can't wait to go shopping on Thursday and Friday with sis next week!
Now, a shopaholic has confessed.

I should be taking my nap now.
Babe and mom were calling me for so many times when I was doing my exam halfway in the hall.
My hp kept vibrating on the floor and it was soooo irritating.

But it's all good.


I did this for the first time! I'm such a noob. Suddenly know how to do this compilation.


ps: Okay...apparently not everything is good. I hope you learnt your lesson, Babe. You will lose more than just the thing you lose.


Jeffrey Ong said...

hi chia li, noticed ur blog recently. U have a cool blog ar! : )

anyway, wish u good luck in ur exam and hope u can make ur decision soon whether to go back or not.Hehe.....


Jeffrey Ong said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sabrina said...

How privilege it is to be able to run back to ur pampered-comfort-zone when you are stress out and sick. I wish I could but I cant.sob:( So happened to pop by ur blog. All the best in ur exam!;)

CL said...

Jeffrey: Hey, thanks man. All the best for ur exams too and I've linked u! :)

Sab: Aww..not to worry. I'm sure u hv plenty of great friends there! Thanks for the wish n I miss u!

Jeffrey Ong said...

Thanks for linking me! : )

U all the best ya and miss u too!

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