Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shopping Day One!

It’s shopping day!

As a self-proclaimed shopaholic, I should live up to my title. HAHAA.

Nah, it’s just that Jusco had this Member’s Day Sale and since I’m an expired member of Jusco’s, so my sis and I decided to see what they have to offer on that day. Today, I mean.

And in the last minute, guess who decided to join us! My mom!! Haha.

She came back home from work early and wanted to join us. Yayy! I’m happy. Haha.

So we headed to Queensbay at a few minutes past 8 and damn!

When we reached there, the crowd there was like…WOAH~ I guess Jusco indeed has a lot of members.

Finding a parking space was a hassle IF we were to park our car at the indoor parking lot.

But no, sacrifice a little shouldn’t be a problem so we parked at the outdoor one instead.

With our growling stomachs, I suggested to my sis and my mom to eat at the food court since my mom is not a fan of having dinner at fancy places like Nandos, Sushi King..etc. You get the drift.

Food court has lots of selections for food so I guess my mom should be quite pleased. HAHAHA.

I had my favorite Hainanese Chicken Rice which was a disappointment.

Mom and sis shared one Chicken Chop and look at the serving man!

The pic doesn't do justice to its size.

Then sis went to get something for a friend’s 1 year old baby, Dora at Gap. SO cute right the name? Haha.

After that I went to renew my expired Jusco Card and there was this old lady who doesn’t seem to know how to queue up properly.

She came so near to me and basically was touching me.

I was so irritated and tried to push her away politely, of course. Still, she didn’t get the hint. Her gestures looked like she was going to overtake my place and for a person like me, I don’t and won’t tolerate such nonsense.

Even though I can just let her be in front of me, but hey, I CAME FIRST. Who are you to cut my queue. UNLESS you are Lee Hom but you’re not. She some more has the guts to tell me that I’m supposed to go to another counter to settle the payment first before applying for the card. Bleh. Who are you la? Jusco’s staff?

Anyway, after filling the application form, I realized there was another lady who was trying to overtake me on my left side.

I was already so pissed before and she’s making it worse.

She asked her daughter to cut my queue and quickly hand the application form to the staff in charge after the woman in front of me left.

But the daughter must be still young and didn’t really know how to react and furthermore, I was at the correct line, so the staff took my form first. HAHA. Serve you right.

After that we kicked off our main objective of the day night and I bought a Hush Puppies shirt for my uni! And some inner garments! Hhaha. Cheap mar.

Sis bought a pair of sandals and wallet.

Mom practically didn’t buy anything because she wasn’t in the mood of shopping. Probably she only wanted to join us. Heehee.

Ps: I received another postcard from Babe! This time is from Portugal!


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