Monday, April 13, 2009

The Many Faces of Choonism

Choonism is my bro's so called philosophy.

Yes, my blood related brother who is 4 years older.

He came up with this whole Choonism thing a few years ago and started to spread news around it in the family about how it will change the world one day.

Brilliant, koko. Very. -____-

Haha. So, I guess eventually all family members become his fellowship. =.="

I'm not sure whether I mentioned this before during my CNY post (I know I only talked about the 1st day of CNY...felt lazy to do the later days..) but my bro works in KL.

Yes, that big city with the three big and tall towers known as PETRONAS Twin Towers and KL Tower.

This fellow here only comes back once a year which is obviously, during CNY. Sounds ungrateful, hor?
Unless something important like my sister's graduation then he'll be back.
Well, that will only happen once in a lifetime??
Since my sister already graduated and she is already a full time working young lady.

So, it's has been almost 3 months since he went back to that concrete jungle and I kinda missed him.

I sms-ed him today and forced him to wish me luck for my exam this Thursday. Hahah.

I'm so mean. Apparently, that fellow bought himself an iPod at supplier's price which is the latest edition or something and he's bragging about it. Blehhh.

Cheh. Didn't even think of getting anything for us..huhu.

I wana talk more about him but due to time constraint, I guess this should be it.

Anyways, below are some silly moments of him:

The 3 of us! Pardon my weird sitting position.

The middle one is Connie, his Sabahan gf. Gorgeous, isn't she?

Notice the same black POLO he was wearing? Yeah, that's to prove that he was only around for a few days. :(

But it's ok, I still have sisterly love when I get back home. *grins*

ps: Sis if you're reading this, don't get jealous ar...will post up something about you soon. Hahah.

pps: Of the many good genes my family has (ahem), he inherited my mom's eyes. WAHAHAH. Luckily we, girls got from the paternal side of the family!!!



adri-enne said...

The middle one is Connie, her Sabahan gf. Gorgeous, isn't she?

Hehe typo spotted. hehehehe. Lol I was hoping for more insights to Choonism :D I think I'm missing my cicak kubin of a brother now.

CL said...

AHha. Thanks Adrienne. Bout the lips thing, u were trying out my method is it??? Eh how come din work for u ar. Maybe try a few more nights? and drink more water. haha

adri-enne said...

I've been doing it for a couple of years now. It's becoming a habit to apply vaseline before I sleep because I brush my teeth before that, and lips are so dry after the brushing. I think the mint in the toothpaste has some evaporising effect on the moisture on my lips.

But you're right though - have to drink more water these days. And eat less chocolates.

CL said...

Haha..did u brush the dead skin off before brushing your teeth the next morning?? Yeah, stay away from heaty food!! haha

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