Friday, April 17, 2009

Kiasu Girl

I hate to say this.

But I think I get motivated by peer pressure.

For example, I study every time when my room mates are around.

Or more like my room mate who is visible to me is around.

I think that makes me a kiasu girl?

Okay, fine.


Weird thing is, I have 3 room mates and none of them is taking the same subjects as I am.

Except for TITAS and SHE.

But yet I can't seem to figure out why I do that.

It's not like my results are important to them, right?


And when they're not around, I tend to laze around like my exam has already ended.

The nonsensical stuffs I do during exam period.


And you must be wondering why I'm blogging instead of revising?

That's because my visible room mate is watching a movie from her lappie, relaxing since she just finished a paper 2 hours ago.

Yeah...I'm so doomed for Monday's paper.

And Tuesday, and Thursday....and yada yada yada.

ps: I'm so getting fatter day by day in hostel. All I do is: Study, bathe, eat, surf, nap, study again, bathe again, sleep.

OMG! Can't help it but to feel fat..maybe not physically.

But still.... :(



Anonymous said...

you're no where near fat my dear!!!

CL said...

Hahah..I think I'm a really FAT inside!! Like really! Could easily hit the highest cholesterol level!! :D

BooNkHooN said...

good luck! ;)

CL said...

Thanks, Ah Boon! :)

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