Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's A Fool's Day


Happy April Fool's Day!

Well, I guess it isn't much of a happy day after all if you got fooled with bad news.

According to wikipedia, the jokes and hoaxes all should only last until noon in certain countries.
And the person who continues them after noon is known as April Fool.

So, question is:

Have you been fooled by an April Fool?

Okay..that sounds wrong. In my 22 years of life, I didn't know April Fool can be called on someone.

Anyway, on this day, I'll usually pull a prank or two on Babe (which is actually quite silly) and yes, he always believes me.
Aww..isn't that sweet?

So, he called me after midnight yesterday and luckily I realised it was April Fool's Day (only at an hour before midnight).

I was totally prepared to face his hoax.

But, instead of tricking me, he actually asked me if I knew what day is today. =.="
Hahah. That's KOKD for you.

And when I almost fell asleep, sis text me and said our car got admitted in to the hospital.

For 2 (or maybe 10) seconds, I thought it was for real.

Then I suddenly recalled that it's 1st of April today.
So I replied her the next day, telling her, "Better luck next time!" in fooling me.

She said it's real.
I didn't wanna let her fool me but in the end, I cannot keep my mind off about not having car to use this weekend.
So I asked her if it's true.

No confirmation yet so far. I'm a lil nuts now because I just finished 2 tests in a day.

One was not bad and the other one was really badddd. (only after my Feng Shui seat was taken)

I'm really good in disappointing myself, heh?


I have another two tests to go before study week next week.
One on each day till Friday.

Life is indeed GREAT!

ps: I have no idea why but I always link April Fool's Day to the color green. Probably my brain doesn't know how to differentiate between St. Patrick's Day and today. hmmm.



Update: Apparently, I'VE BEEN FOOLED!! By my own blood related sister!!! Ok she got me. Big deal..WOOHAHA. Hahahah. I guess this shows that family knows you more than anybody else. haha. Well yeah, I can barely live without my car. Gotcha. Gotme actually.

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