Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Need More Fruits

Today has been an unfruitful day.

Nothing much of my plan was carried out effectively.

I should be more productive than ever but my brain just can't seem to absorb anymore.

Looking on the bright side, hey, I managed to finish a part today!

The part which I should have done revising like a few days ago.


Better stop blogging now.

Gloomy days ahead with:
::::no entertainment (except for the internet and iPod)
::::no idiot box
::::no good food + desserts
::::no comfy green Christmas pillow from the disgusting creature
::::no camera (except for my loyal hp who's beginning to turn its back on me)
::::no chit-chatting with mom and sis
::::no more clean and safe place to eat and bathe!!!

Well, yeah about the last one.
Can't, won't and don't want to talk much about it.
Let's just keep it that way.

May the force be with me,

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