Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Holiday Begins Now!

Finally my finals came to an end!

After clearing up my mess and keeping my books and notes in the study room, I headed back to Penang with ACL.

The journey back home was a smooth one. Reached home at about 4.30pm.

I was basically tired but relieved because the one month torture has finally ended.

But I was kind of worried. I applied for a part time job in one of the big companies in the FTZ but to no avail.

It’s either they don’t accept part time students like me or they didn’t think I’m qualified enough to work there for 2 months.

Nevertheless, I want to work. Not working for 2 months and being a stay at home girl the whole time might make me lose my mind easily.

I’d love to call myself as a workaholic, but I don’t really think I am.

I just want extra pocket money to spend during the holidays since I’ve stopped asking money from my mom since years ago.

I guess I can easily find a part time job in the malls as sales assistant but I feel that working as a sales assistant might be a waste of time for me as a uni student.

No offense but all I was trying to say is that for someone who has already reached this education level like myself, at least, the best I can do is to find a job in the administration department in an office or sort.

But, a major BUT, I do not have internet connection at home and my family isn’t thinking of getting one.

So, it’s actually rather difficult for me to search for a job online except to resort to newspaper.

I did go through the newspapers, but I couldn’t find any suitable one.

I’ll keep trying.

Ps: I received Babe’s postcards! One from Madrid and the other one is from Barcelona, Spain! Heehee.


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Kokd said...

Dont u just love the post cards i sent you? Indeed, the places are more beautiful than the photos themselves.. You have to go there to see the splendor of the places..

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