Monday, April 6, 2009

First Rapid Ride

Whee! Sorry peeps for disappearing for quite some time.

I have not been busy studying. More like busy sleeping at home.
I don't know why but I have this tendency to fall asleep every time I touch the mattress or anything soft and comfortable enough for me to sleep in.
Hee hee~

Anyway, last Sunday I decided to take the Rapid Bus to Queensbay with my sis cos my car was really sent to the mechanic!

%#@^*())^$#@*( BIG TIME!!!

She didn't fool me after all nor did I get fooled.
The car was pretty dented according to my parents and now it's being fixed and the total sum was RM xxxx.xx
Damn, right?
But it wasn't my sister's fault.
If we were to blame, we have to blame God for the bad weather.

So, we met at Prangin Mall and honestly, I was pretty excited cos it was my first time on a public bus since like...5 years ago??
We didn't even wait for the bus cos it was already there when we reached the bus terminal at KOMTAR.
As soon as we boarded, I started talking to my sis about how excited I am and I was a little disappointed because the seat I took was very low and I can't see the view at all (except for the sky).

Out of a sudden, I felt different and guess what, the bus has started moving.
I didn't even realise the bus was moving cos I was so busy talking at first.
That is something which I was quite happy about Rapid because if I'm not mistaken, it only took like a few minutes before they leave the terminal.

Unlike the previous ones like Transit Link and the yellow bus (something KG Hin or something something), they always like to wait for passengers to make sure the bus is full before leaving.
It's so irritating especially for those who are in a hurry.

Kudos, RAPID!

It didn't take long for the bus to reach Queensbay, roughly 20 minutes or so.
Pretty fast,heh?

We then headed for lunch at Nandos.
Had a great meal there!
Thanks, Sis!!

Credits to my sis for the pic! :)

Nandos always reminds me of Babe cos he was the one who first introduced it to me. :))

Then we walked around to get some necessities before taking the bus back home.
Yes, my intention of going to Queensbay that day was very simple.
Eat good food and buy stationaries.
I didn't wanna feel guilty for spending so much time there and not doing what I'm supposed to do like you know.

Getting tired.

Shopaholic spotted.

Vain to the max.

While we were waiting for the bus to head home, an elderly woman came and sat beside my sister and started chatting to us in BM.
At first, I was wondering whether if she's a Malay or Chinese but her Malay was pretty good for someone of her age so I thought to myself, she's most probably the former.
So she continued telling us stories about the on-going fair in Queensbay all the way till her family background.
Suddenly, she called her son who was standing a few feet in front and started speaking in Hokkien to him saying that my sis and I look like Chinese girls and said ..
Then my sis and I burst into laughter and we can't stop laughing.
So my sis told her we're actually Chinese..~
Hahah. Guess it's not really a bad thing after all if someone actually thinks we're Malay cos it shows that we don't look like pure Chinese mei mei!
Hahahah. Whatever that means.
But hey, if I'm not mistaken my ancestors were from Thailand~
Ahahah. Not that I look like a Thai anyway..

The clear blue skies turned into dark grey as we passed the Tesco Sg. Dua.

It got pretty cold in the bus and probably that's why some ended up like this:

Drenched in the rain, but the satisfaction was pretty overwhelming cos I got what I want for the day!


Though we did not get desserts after lunch cos I was expecting the weather to go bad at about 5pm which I was right after all.

Mission wasn't really accomplished cos I didn't get any dessertsssssssss!


Back to uni already!



Quin said...

home!!! i see home!!! =(
i wanna go home~ i wanna go QB...

Kokd said...

Cute babe.. Means you'll be taking more buus rides nowadays? You look so different now with your new style... Think im gonna have to get used to it no? hopefully ur hair grows longer back to its original length =). Enjoy your time in uni!

CL said...

Quin: Nothing much in QB la. Cyberjaya sounds nicer. Hahaha.

KOKD: I won't be taking more bus rides. this is only because my car is not available. taking public bus scares me bcos it just kinda scares me la. unless someone tags along. yeah bout the hair, i can't do much about it now that it's curly murly and what do u mean its original length? :)

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