Wednesday, April 22, 2009



Such a subjective topic to talk about.

What do we know about our feelings? The true feelings we have in us.
The feelings that make us feel the way we feel.
Why can't we just interpret the feelings rather than to go round the circle?

How can such a feeling affect one person so deeply that she can't seem to clear her head off it?
When everything seems so simple, it's actually even worse than we can think of.

The happy, elated and excited feelings we used to have.
What have happened to them?
Are they all gone with the wind?
Or are they still staying still for us to recover it?

No one could truly feel the way you feel inside.
Words are so limited to express it for the moment.
The overwhelming feeling of possessing something you think you do, but you don't.

I disgust the feelings I have in me now.
Can someone help?

ps: Thank you Competitor 1 for replying my sms. Appreciate it. May the force be with you.



Kokd said...

Lonely is when I am far away from you.
Glad is when I have you to think of.
Sad is when we have so much distance between us.
Happy is everyday of loving u.

CL said...

I love you.

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