Monday, April 20, 2009

Famous Rove Beetle aka Charlie Bug

I saw a rove beetle aka Charlie Bug on the toilet bowl today.

What if...

I sat on the toilet bowl without knowing that the rove beetle has already 'performed' its catwalk (or bugwalk for that matters) on it??

Can't imagine?

Well, try this:




Sigh...looks like photoshop is such a fun thing to play with when you're stressed!

Though the beetle wasn't exactly as big as the one I saw (and the toilet bowl in my hostel is not as clean), but that was really where it was when I saw it!

Before I blew it away though.

Thank God I looked first if not my butt would have felt the sensation by now. Burning sensation, mind you. Hehe.

And imagine all the pus that will form on your butt after that.


****For more information on this dangerous bug, click here.



BooNkHooN said...

actually u will get immune after they bite u first time. i feel no pain and burning hot after 2nd and 3rd times. but stil wil left an ugly scar. hahaha...

Seirra said...

waaaaa......pain immunity from chalee....only chia li the Chalee queen has that immunity k.

CL said...

BK: No no won't have scar if u take good care of ur wound dear..

Serena: Haha. Need some after care tips? :)

Anonymous said...

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