Friday, April 10, 2009

Chapped and Dry Lips? No more!

Just thought of sharing some beauty tips I learned about more than a year ago (or so I think).

Have you experienced this before?

or this?

and transform into this

in just one night?

No, I'm not talking about my teeth.

I'm talking about my imperfect lips.
I have always had problem with dry and chapped lips every now and then.

No, applying lip balm throughout the day doesn't help either.

Here's what I recommend you girls out there to do if you have chapped lips and need some help in the shortest possible period:

Step 1: Apply lip balm on your lips (duhhh) at night right before you go to bed.

Step 2: Try not to dream of something delicious (whether it's your BF or food) throughout the night.

Step 3: The next morning before you brush your teeth, wet your lips and use your toothbrush to gently brush the dead skin off your lips.

Step 4: Please DO remember to wash your toothbrush after that and not straight to brushing your teeth.
It's not gonna look nice with the dead skin spread all over the cavities of your teeth.




You're ready to show some love to the people around you! :))

The final (3rd) pic is purely taken by the camera with no photoshop or any sort of editing done and with no lip balm/gloss/stick at all.

I pampered my lips the night before and it worked well!

But most of the time when I get nervous, my fingers will become itchy and I'll start to peel my lips. So, don't be surprise if you see me with dry lips.

Because I don't do it every night unless I remember.




adri-enne said...

I use vaseline on my lips before sleep. Lips get automatically dry after brushing my teeth.

Kokd said...

Delicious things like BF? Mmmmm... no wonder my lips all dry and stuff now.. must stop thinking about delicious things.. I love your lips though... =)

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