Saturday, April 11, 2009


Oh wait, did I just say A*s-PEX?
I meant to say XEPA..get your eyes checked people.

So, this news of my uni being awarded the XEPA status since half a year ago has recently been quite a debate among the local students in this uni itself.
APEX stands for "Acceleration Programme for Excellence".
Sounds totally wrong when it is being applied to my uni.

Well, I'm sorry if I happen to offend anyone who disagrees with me but I believe the rakyat of this country have their own freedom of speech, no?
Up till last year, students who wish to be a part of the MSU community will have to apply through the MOHE website.
All we have to do is just to fill in some details and choose the top 8 courses and universities we wish to further our study in.

However, after receiving this XEPA status, MSU has the privilege of accepting students not through the MOHE website anymore.
Instead, students need to apply for a position in the uni themselves and they'll have to go through an entrance test or some sort to secure a place in MSU.
According to a source, 13,000 students applied but MSU will only accept 3,500 students this year.

Yeah, that certainly makes most of us who are already pursuing a degree in MSU more relieved.
And then you ask, is there any quota to the 3,500 students who will be selected?
Will they be selected purely through the entrance test alone since that's the main point of having such a test, no?
Or will there be some other under-the-table acts which we might not know?
And what if the top scorers in STPM don't do well in the entrance test?
Will they not be accepted into MSU?

Haiya, all these questions will remain unanswered because this is Malaysia.

Eh, excuse me, I LOVE MALAYSIA okayyy.

But wait, that's not the main reason why this post is being written.
The thing is, out of so many coursemates I have staying in the same hostel as I am, only 3 (as of the ones I know) are allowed to stay in it for the following year.
Not to mention students from other years as well.
The rest? APPEAL.
Chances? VERY LOW.
Why? Reason being we're not active in sports and societies, (you know, those extra curricular stuffs).
We have ZERO merit points as compared to the rest.
But why is that being the sole reason of kicking us out from the hostel?
What if those who succeed in sports do poorly in academics?
Does it sound fair to you???

Maybe, just maybe, I'm not blaming MSU for accepting more foreign students due to their newly acquired status.
But the fact is that they are giving priorities to foreign students and not the local ones!
Rumours said that first 2 stories of the hostel will be given to the the foreign students.
Oh wait, that's not fair.
Foreign students might be big in size, but they tua-liab is it now?
They have such privilege that USM didn't want them to climb the staircase and tire themselves out?
Or maybe that's just rumours you say?
It better be.

Now, most students who are appealing have been going out on house-hunting around the neighbourhood.
To be honest, staying outside is not much of a hassle for me.
I can have more privacy, have better food, cleaner and safer environment to do whatever I want.
And heck! I can even wear shorts higher than the knees and sleeveless tops anywhere, everywhere and all the time if I want to. *smirks*

But the problem is, the new rules they're implementing annoys me a lot.
What is XEPA for when you have the same old quality of man power?
Unless you don't mind having notes which haven't been updated since a gazillion years ago.
Lecturer asked to answer in English during finals but his notes are in BM version.
Maybe that is not his problem because according to EBO, students should make their own notes or something like that.
Then we have grammatical errors almost EVERYWHERE in the notes.
Lecturers who don't seem to know how to arrange better teaching schedule and cram all assignments and tests all in the same week, which is the last week before study week.
Lecturers who speaks like a bullet train speed when he's running out of time.
Basically, poor quality lecturers.

OKAY...I'm being mean here.
But it's my ranting spot.
I'll say what I want and I know I might sound like I'm an ungrateful kid and all.

Why am I even wasting my time talking about this?

Shit, better go back to studies now.


Update: Yeah, me scary cat decided to edit some of the initial initials written. Hahaha. Play safe mar.


Quin said...

what did usm do to actuaire such a status anyway? surely the entrance exam is not the only determination factor in this? but then again, it is an entrance exam, and so, what's the point of stpm, like u said?

there are things that can't be voiced here. because it's malaysia. and i totally get what u meant by the under table business..

just be grateful that you're IN there already..

XhInE said...

I realise I shud be glad to be part of USM in some way although I'm AIMST student... hah=)
started my FYP me if u happen to drop by main campus

CL said...

Hey KQ, oh well, I am grateful that I'm in. But kicking us out from the hostel is what that is making me so upset. We'll see how they handle the new batch of students this year.

Hey Sheena, I won't be back to Penang till my exam is over which is like 29th of April. PLEASE KILL MEEEEEEEEEE! Will surely call u after that! :)

Simple Simon said...

wahh... sound like pahang is a better choice.. haha..

CL said... least USM's in Penang! HAHAAHA. :PP

Seirra said...

What can i say? We have the same thinking frequency.

CL said...

Hahah..yesh. I'm glad you feel the same too!!

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