Tuesday, April 21, 2009


My seat number for today's paper was:


When I knew it, I went like, WHAT THE HECKKKK???!

Okay, maybe not that exaggerative but I'm a bit superstitious lo actually...and I was hoping so badly that it's not a bad omen.

Luckily, nothing really bad happened to me but honestly, I couldn't really answer some of the questions.

It was not as easy as I thought but hey, another one is done! :)))

Anyway, 3 down, 3 more left!

It's gonna be a hectic week for me all the way till next Wednesday.

So...expect less updates and less contents!

On a side note, I was blog hopping the other day and I came to read a female blogger's blog.

People in the chatbox kept asking her what camera she's using because her pics always turn out so nice.

She already mentioned before that she edits her pics like so many times but I don't understand why people still keep pestering her about it.

It's photoshop, people, PHOTOSHOPPP!!!

Lookie down here, the amazing wonders photoshop can do.

But I'm only at the beginner's level where changing the tone of the colors is what I'm good at.

And a few other minor ones, of course.










mok said...

444 is like you put legs together. Koyang kaki.

Don't worry, empat tu dapat!

Kokd said...

Not bad dear, u can do photoshop so well de.. I,m in portugal now.. so beautiful the place im staying and for the price.. Haha.. I miss u a lot.. All the best for your papers dear. Here ppl tan a lot of boobs u know.. ouch...

CL said...

Mok: Erm...y goyang kaki?? I don't geddit la...

Kokd: Like I said, you'll laugh at me if u know how I did it! :) And whats with boobs and you??

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