Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shopping Day One!

It’s shopping day!

As a self-proclaimed shopaholic, I should live up to my title. HAHAA.

Nah, it’s just that Jusco had this Member’s Day Sale and since I’m an expired member of Jusco’s, so my sis and I decided to see what they have to offer on that day. Today, I mean.

And in the last minute, guess who decided to join us! My mom!! Haha.

She came back home from work early and wanted to join us. Yayy! I’m happy. Haha.

So we headed to Queensbay at a few minutes past 8 and damn!

When we reached there, the crowd there was like…WOAH~ I guess Jusco indeed has a lot of members.

Finding a parking space was a hassle IF we were to park our car at the indoor parking lot.

But no, sacrifice a little shouldn’t be a problem so we parked at the outdoor one instead.

With our growling stomachs, I suggested to my sis and my mom to eat at the food court since my mom is not a fan of having dinner at fancy places like Nandos, Sushi King..etc. You get the drift.

Food court has lots of selections for food so I guess my mom should be quite pleased. HAHAHA.

I had my favorite Hainanese Chicken Rice which was a disappointment.

Mom and sis shared one Chicken Chop and look at the serving man!

The pic doesn't do justice to its size.

Then sis went to get something for a friend’s 1 year old baby, Dora at Gap. SO cute right the name? Haha.

After that I went to renew my expired Jusco Card and there was this old lady who doesn’t seem to know how to queue up properly.

She came so near to me and basically was touching me.

I was so irritated and tried to push her away politely, of course. Still, she didn’t get the hint. Her gestures looked like she was going to overtake my place and for a person like me, I don’t and won’t tolerate such nonsense.

Even though I can just let her be in front of me, but hey, I CAME FIRST. Who are you to cut my queue. UNLESS you are Lee Hom but you’re not. She some more has the guts to tell me that I’m supposed to go to another counter to settle the payment first before applying for the card. Bleh. Who are you la? Jusco’s staff?

Anyway, after filling the application form, I realized there was another lady who was trying to overtake me on my left side.

I was already so pissed before and she’s making it worse.

She asked her daughter to cut my queue and quickly hand the application form to the staff in charge after the woman in front of me left.

But the daughter must be still young and didn’t really know how to react and furthermore, I was at the correct line, so the staff took my form first. HAHA. Serve you right.

After that we kicked off our main objective of the day night and I bought a Hush Puppies shirt for my uni! And some inner garments! Hhaha. Cheap mar.

Sis bought a pair of sandals and wallet.

Mom practically didn’t buy anything because she wasn’t in the mood of shopping. Probably she only wanted to join us. Heehee.

Ps: I received another postcard from Babe! This time is from Portugal!


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Holiday Begins Now!

Finally my finals came to an end!

After clearing up my mess and keeping my books and notes in the study room, I headed back to Penang with ACL.

The journey back home was a smooth one. Reached home at about 4.30pm.

I was basically tired but relieved because the one month torture has finally ended.

But I was kind of worried. I applied for a part time job in one of the big companies in the FTZ but to no avail.

It’s either they don’t accept part time students like me or they didn’t think I’m qualified enough to work there for 2 months.

Nevertheless, I want to work. Not working for 2 months and being a stay at home girl the whole time might make me lose my mind easily.

I’d love to call myself as a workaholic, but I don’t really think I am.

I just want extra pocket money to spend during the holidays since I’ve stopped asking money from my mom since years ago.

I guess I can easily find a part time job in the malls as sales assistant but I feel that working as a sales assistant might be a waste of time for me as a uni student.

No offense but all I was trying to say is that for someone who has already reached this education level like myself, at least, the best I can do is to find a job in the administration department in an office or sort.

But, a major BUT, I do not have internet connection at home and my family isn’t thinking of getting one.

So, it’s actually rather difficult for me to search for a job online except to resort to newspaper.

I did go through the newspapers, but I couldn’t find any suitable one.

I’ll keep trying.

Ps: I received Babe’s postcards! One from Madrid and the other one is from Barcelona, Spain! Heehee.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009






Okay, great.
I just updated my blog.

Not focusing at all.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Where To Find Love

Finally. The last paper pending this Wednesday.
I've been waiting for this day since the beginning of the semester last December.
You wanna know what's weird?
I think I wanna do my this morning's paper all over again.
I seriously don't mind going through again all the notes, practicing the calculations and revise again all the 3 lecturers' parts.

I seriously DO NOT FREAKING MIND doing that.
I do not wanna retake the paper. I just wanna redo it.

Yet again, I failed to make myself proud in the exam hall.
I tried my best but my best is never enough.
I almost broke down in tears while attempting the questions.

Seriously, what is effing wrong with me in the last few days????
I was in dire need for love so I went back home to search for it.
Yup, indeed love was all I received when I got home.
In fact, I felt so comfortable although most of the time I have my notes in front of me.

But, seriously, WHAT IS SO DAMN WRONGGGGG???
I studied my ass off but I just can't seem to concentrate!
My mind wandered off to the land far away I don't even know where.
I napped for only an hour at home to rest and with no internet connection, I could barely do anything.
So, all I did was staying at home, in my room, with the study table and my notes spread on the table.
Of course, I did watch the tv occasionally but I only watched for a like a couple of minutes!!


Like seriously, what have gotten into me??!!
I remember my cousin told me, when I was back in Form 5, I was much more disciplined so my SPM results were pretty good.
But as soon as I got into Form 6, my results started dropping like hell.
It even took me some time to get myself comfortable with my uni life and to stuff my brain with physics all over again.

All I asked for is love to give me back the strength to study.
I got love from my family.
But it wasn't enough.

And then I came across a pile of burned CD's.
I knew what are inside those CD's so I chose to browse them.

PHOTOS. Since the year 2004.
Lots of picture folders, collected since the day we met, the places we've been to and the things we've done.
I couldn't help but to smile at every single one of them while clicking it away on my lappie.
Now, I know where my mind has wandered off to.
It was him all the while.
I couldn't get my mind off the guy who has made such a big impact in my life.
The guy I saw in 2001 and got to know better in 2002.

I miss him.
It has been 7 months and I'm only 2 months away.
I cannot hold back my tears.



Thursday, April 23, 2009

Top Of The -----

Man, it sure feels good to be on the top for once.


Neh neh neh bu bu to YOU!


I've decided...oh ok I have not exactly decided yet if I should really go back.
But for the past few days I've been really homesick and I was a lil sick yesterday.

Reason being not getting enough LOVEEEEE.

Sad, right?

As pathetic as it may sound, I need love to push myself further especially during these times.
I was really down yesterday but today my mood has gotten better!


Don't ask me why I'm on the top....I prefer to keep it to myself!

Another paper is done!
Left with 2 now.

Can't wait to go shopping on Thursday and Friday with sis next week!
Now, a shopaholic has confessed.

I should be taking my nap now.
Babe and mom were calling me for so many times when I was doing my exam halfway in the hall.
My hp kept vibrating on the floor and it was soooo irritating.

But it's all good.


I did this for the first time! I'm such a noob. Suddenly know how to do this compilation.


ps: Okay...apparently not everything is good. I hope you learnt your lesson, Babe. You will lose more than just the thing you lose.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Should I?

Sam yuk yuk....

xiang yao min tian jiu hui jia.

Should I?

Should I not?



Such a subjective topic to talk about.

What do we know about our feelings? The true feelings we have in us.
The feelings that make us feel the way we feel.
Why can't we just interpret the feelings rather than to go round the circle?

How can such a feeling affect one person so deeply that she can't seem to clear her head off it?
When everything seems so simple, it's actually even worse than we can think of.

The happy, elated and excited feelings we used to have.
What have happened to them?
Are they all gone with the wind?
Or are they still staying still for us to recover it?

No one could truly feel the way you feel inside.
Words are so limited to express it for the moment.
The overwhelming feeling of possessing something you think you do, but you don't.

I disgust the feelings I have in me now.
Can someone help?

ps: Thank you Competitor 1 for replying my sms. Appreciate it. May the force be with you.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009


My seat number for today's paper was:


When I knew it, I went like, WHAT THE HECKKKK???!

Okay, maybe not that exaggerative but I'm a bit superstitious lo actually...and I was hoping so badly that it's not a bad omen.

Luckily, nothing really bad happened to me but honestly, I couldn't really answer some of the questions.

It was not as easy as I thought but hey, another one is done! :)))

Anyway, 3 down, 3 more left!

It's gonna be a hectic week for me all the way till next Wednesday.

So...expect less updates and less contents!

On a side note, I was blog hopping the other day and I came to read a female blogger's blog.

People in the chatbox kept asking her what camera she's using because her pics always turn out so nice.

She already mentioned before that she edits her pics like so many times but I don't understand why people still keep pestering her about it.

It's photoshop, people, PHOTOSHOPPP!!!

Lookie down here, the amazing wonders photoshop can do.

But I'm only at the beginner's level where changing the tone of the colors is what I'm good at.

And a few other minor ones, of course.









Monday, April 20, 2009

Famous Rove Beetle aka Charlie Bug

I saw a rove beetle aka Charlie Bug on the toilet bowl today.

What if...

I sat on the toilet bowl without knowing that the rove beetle has already 'performed' its catwalk (or bugwalk for that matters) on it??

Can't imagine?

Well, try this:




Sigh...looks like photoshop is such a fun thing to play with when you're stressed!

Though the beetle wasn't exactly as big as the one I saw (and the toilet bowl in my hostel is not as clean), but that was really where it was when I saw it!

Before I blew it away though.

Thank God I looked first if not my butt would have felt the sensation by now. Burning sensation, mind you. Hehe.

And imagine all the pus that will form on your butt after that.


****For more information on this dangerous bug, click here.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

HOT is The Word.


The one and only word I've been uttering for God knows how many times just for today.

As much as I wished I was referring to myself, no, I am not.

It's the weather.


The only positive thing I could hope for during this kind of weather is that my brain would expand as well..

Thermal expansion, perhaps?


Now, now would someone please bring me a tape measurement so that I can start measuring the possible expansion on my head?


Okay..this is a bull crap.


Friday, April 17, 2009

Kiasu Girl

I hate to say this.

But I think I get motivated by peer pressure.

For example, I study every time when my room mates are around.

Or more like my room mate who is visible to me is around.

I think that makes me a kiasu girl?

Okay, fine.


Weird thing is, I have 3 room mates and none of them is taking the same subjects as I am.

Except for TITAS and SHE.

But yet I can't seem to figure out why I do that.

It's not like my results are important to them, right?


And when they're not around, I tend to laze around like my exam has already ended.

The nonsensical stuffs I do during exam period.


And you must be wondering why I'm blogging instead of revising?

That's because my visible room mate is watching a movie from her lappie, relaxing since she just finished a paper 2 hours ago.

Yeah...I'm so doomed for Monday's paper.

And Tuesday, and Thursday....and yada yada yada.

ps: I'm so getting fatter day by day in hostel. All I do is: Study, bathe, eat, surf, nap, study again, bathe again, sleep.

OMG! Can't help it but to feel fat..maybe not physically.

But still.... :(


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Where Were You?

Looking at me now, many must be wondering how I maintain the LDR I'm having now.

To be honest, LDR or not, it's the same.

If the feeling is still there, then it will work out.

If not, even if you meet each other everyday, you'll just end up being separated.

Frankly, I didn't do anything special to maintain this LDR.

I've always being myself, the ever selfish, self-centered and over possessive gf one could ever ask for.

But, love is about accepting one another no matter how good or bad your other half is.

You will try your very best not to hurt his/her feelings at the end of the day because you know he/she's important to you.

Question is, will you do the same thing repetitively knowing that it'll only hurt your partner's feelings?

If you love someone with all your heart, you will not do anything to hurt her feelings even though you did not mean to do it.

But doing it for so many darn times is different. You will only keep leaving scars in her heart and no one knows what will happen one day when there's no place left for the new scars.

What's done is done. It cannot be reversed.

Put the past behind, you said.
I did and I tried.
But now it's your turn to bring back the past.

Maybe I'm wrong. But, do enlighten me.

I cannot go on consoling myself every time after you do this to me.

Where were you when I was feeling the way you did today?

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Many Faces of Choonism

Choonism is my bro's so called philosophy.

Yes, my blood related brother who is 4 years older.

He came up with this whole Choonism thing a few years ago and started to spread news around it in the family about how it will change the world one day.

Brilliant, koko. Very. -____-

Haha. So, I guess eventually all family members become his fellowship. =.="

I'm not sure whether I mentioned this before during my CNY post (I know I only talked about the 1st day of CNY...felt lazy to do the later days..) but my bro works in KL.

Yes, that big city with the three big and tall towers known as PETRONAS Twin Towers and KL Tower.

This fellow here only comes back once a year which is obviously, during CNY. Sounds ungrateful, hor?
Unless something important like my sister's graduation then he'll be back.
Well, that will only happen once in a lifetime??
Since my sister already graduated and she is already a full time working young lady.

So, it's has been almost 3 months since he went back to that concrete jungle and I kinda missed him.

I sms-ed him today and forced him to wish me luck for my exam this Thursday. Hahah.

I'm so mean. Apparently, that fellow bought himself an iPod at supplier's price which is the latest edition or something and he's bragging about it. Blehhh.

Cheh. Didn't even think of getting anything for us..huhu.

I wana talk more about him but due to time constraint, I guess this should be it.

Anyways, below are some silly moments of him:

The 3 of us! Pardon my weird sitting position.

The middle one is Connie, his Sabahan gf. Gorgeous, isn't she?

Notice the same black POLO he was wearing? Yeah, that's to prove that he was only around for a few days. :(

But it's ok, I still have sisterly love when I get back home. *grins*

ps: Sis if you're reading this, don't get jealous ar...will post up something about you soon. Hahah.

pps: Of the many good genes my family has (ahem), he inherited my mom's eyes. WAHAHAH. Luckily we, girls got from the paternal side of the family!!!


Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's Easter!




Nerdy CL's getting blur with semicond so decided to camwhore for a few mins....

Nonetheless, CL's gonna CONQUER you, SEMICOND!!



Saturday, April 11, 2009


Oh wait, did I just say A*s-PEX?
I meant to say XEPA..get your eyes checked people.

So, this news of my uni being awarded the XEPA status since half a year ago has recently been quite a debate among the local students in this uni itself.
APEX stands for "Acceleration Programme for Excellence".
Sounds totally wrong when it is being applied to my uni.

Well, I'm sorry if I happen to offend anyone who disagrees with me but I believe the rakyat of this country have their own freedom of speech, no?
Up till last year, students who wish to be a part of the MSU community will have to apply through the MOHE website.
All we have to do is just to fill in some details and choose the top 8 courses and universities we wish to further our study in.

However, after receiving this XEPA status, MSU has the privilege of accepting students not through the MOHE website anymore.
Instead, students need to apply for a position in the uni themselves and they'll have to go through an entrance test or some sort to secure a place in MSU.
According to a source, 13,000 students applied but MSU will only accept 3,500 students this year.

Yeah, that certainly makes most of us who are already pursuing a degree in MSU more relieved.
And then you ask, is there any quota to the 3,500 students who will be selected?
Will they be selected purely through the entrance test alone since that's the main point of having such a test, no?
Or will there be some other under-the-table acts which we might not know?
And what if the top scorers in STPM don't do well in the entrance test?
Will they not be accepted into MSU?

Haiya, all these questions will remain unanswered because this is Malaysia.

Eh, excuse me, I LOVE MALAYSIA okayyy.

But wait, that's not the main reason why this post is being written.
The thing is, out of so many coursemates I have staying in the same hostel as I am, only 3 (as of the ones I know) are allowed to stay in it for the following year.
Not to mention students from other years as well.
The rest? APPEAL.
Chances? VERY LOW.
Why? Reason being we're not active in sports and societies, (you know, those extra curricular stuffs).
We have ZERO merit points as compared to the rest.
But why is that being the sole reason of kicking us out from the hostel?
What if those who succeed in sports do poorly in academics?
Does it sound fair to you???

Maybe, just maybe, I'm not blaming MSU for accepting more foreign students due to their newly acquired status.
But the fact is that they are giving priorities to foreign students and not the local ones!
Rumours said that first 2 stories of the hostel will be given to the the foreign students.
Oh wait, that's not fair.
Foreign students might be big in size, but they tua-liab is it now?
They have such privilege that USM didn't want them to climb the staircase and tire themselves out?
Or maybe that's just rumours you say?
It better be.

Now, most students who are appealing have been going out on house-hunting around the neighbourhood.
To be honest, staying outside is not much of a hassle for me.
I can have more privacy, have better food, cleaner and safer environment to do whatever I want.
And heck! I can even wear shorts higher than the knees and sleeveless tops anywhere, everywhere and all the time if I want to. *smirks*

But the problem is, the new rules they're implementing annoys me a lot.
What is XEPA for when you have the same old quality of man power?
Unless you don't mind having notes which haven't been updated since a gazillion years ago.
Lecturer asked to answer in English during finals but his notes are in BM version.
Maybe that is not his problem because according to EBO, students should make their own notes or something like that.
Then we have grammatical errors almost EVERYWHERE in the notes.
Lecturers who don't seem to know how to arrange better teaching schedule and cram all assignments and tests all in the same week, which is the last week before study week.
Lecturers who speaks like a bullet train speed when he's running out of time.
Basically, poor quality lecturers.

OKAY...I'm being mean here.
But it's my ranting spot.
I'll say what I want and I know I might sound like I'm an ungrateful kid and all.

Why am I even wasting my time talking about this?

Shit, better go back to studies now.


Update: Yeah, me scary cat decided to edit some of the initial initials written. Hahaha. Play safe mar.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Chapped and Dry Lips? No more!

Just thought of sharing some beauty tips I learned about more than a year ago (or so I think).

Have you experienced this before?

or this?

and transform into this

in just one night?

No, I'm not talking about my teeth.

I'm talking about my imperfect lips.
I have always had problem with dry and chapped lips every now and then.

No, applying lip balm throughout the day doesn't help either.

Here's what I recommend you girls out there to do if you have chapped lips and need some help in the shortest possible period:

Step 1: Apply lip balm on your lips (duhhh) at night right before you go to bed.

Step 2: Try not to dream of something delicious (whether it's your BF or food) throughout the night.

Step 3: The next morning before you brush your teeth, wet your lips and use your toothbrush to gently brush the dead skin off your lips.

Step 4: Please DO remember to wash your toothbrush after that and not straight to brushing your teeth.
It's not gonna look nice with the dead skin spread all over the cavities of your teeth.




You're ready to show some love to the people around you! :))

The final (3rd) pic is purely taken by the camera with no photoshop or any sort of editing done and with no lip balm/gloss/stick at all.

I pampered my lips the night before and it worked well!

But most of the time when I get nervous, my fingers will become itchy and I'll start to peel my lips. So, don't be surprise if you see me with dry lips.

Because I don't do it every night unless I remember.



Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wanna Relieve Stress?

See that "Jian Akiraceo" link on the left of my blog page?

Click on it and damn, it's so GOOOD!

Too bad Stickgal has stopped blogging.


But this MIAO here is really hilarious!!!


ps: At times like this, all you need is to hug that someone.
Probably that's good enough to relieve your stress.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Miss My Long Straight and A Lil' Wavy Hair..

That's all for today.


And I just realised after 7 months of blogging, the maximum entries I could post up can only reach 20 for each month.


Something to ponder about.

Nites people!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Need More Fruits

Today has been an unfruitful day.

Nothing much of my plan was carried out effectively.

I should be more productive than ever but my brain just can't seem to absorb anymore.

Looking on the bright side, hey, I managed to finish a part today!

The part which I should have done revising like a few days ago.


Better stop blogging now.

Gloomy days ahead with:
::::no entertainment (except for the internet and iPod)
::::no idiot box
::::no good food + desserts
::::no comfy green Christmas pillow from the disgusting creature
::::no camera (except for my loyal hp who's beginning to turn its back on me)
::::no chit-chatting with mom and sis
::::no more clean and safe place to eat and bathe!!!

Well, yeah about the last one.
Can't, won't and don't want to talk much about it.
Let's just keep it that way.

May the force be with me,

Monday, April 6, 2009

First Rapid Ride

Whee! Sorry peeps for disappearing for quite some time.

I have not been busy studying. More like busy sleeping at home.
I don't know why but I have this tendency to fall asleep every time I touch the mattress or anything soft and comfortable enough for me to sleep in.
Hee hee~

Anyway, last Sunday I decided to take the Rapid Bus to Queensbay with my sis cos my car was really sent to the mechanic!

%#@^*())^$#@*( BIG TIME!!!

She didn't fool me after all nor did I get fooled.
The car was pretty dented according to my parents and now it's being fixed and the total sum was RM xxxx.xx
Damn, right?
But it wasn't my sister's fault.
If we were to blame, we have to blame God for the bad weather.

So, we met at Prangin Mall and honestly, I was pretty excited cos it was my first time on a public bus since like...5 years ago??
We didn't even wait for the bus cos it was already there when we reached the bus terminal at KOMTAR.
As soon as we boarded, I started talking to my sis about how excited I am and I was a little disappointed because the seat I took was very low and I can't see the view at all (except for the sky).

Out of a sudden, I felt different and guess what, the bus has started moving.
I didn't even realise the bus was moving cos I was so busy talking at first.
That is something which I was quite happy about Rapid because if I'm not mistaken, it only took like a few minutes before they leave the terminal.

Unlike the previous ones like Transit Link and the yellow bus (something KG Hin or something something), they always like to wait for passengers to make sure the bus is full before leaving.
It's so irritating especially for those who are in a hurry.

Kudos, RAPID!

It didn't take long for the bus to reach Queensbay, roughly 20 minutes or so.
Pretty fast,heh?

We then headed for lunch at Nandos.
Had a great meal there!
Thanks, Sis!!

Credits to my sis for the pic! :)

Nandos always reminds me of Babe cos he was the one who first introduced it to me. :))

Then we walked around to get some necessities before taking the bus back home.
Yes, my intention of going to Queensbay that day was very simple.
Eat good food and buy stationaries.
I didn't wanna feel guilty for spending so much time there and not doing what I'm supposed to do like you know.

Getting tired.

Shopaholic spotted.

Vain to the max.

While we were waiting for the bus to head home, an elderly woman came and sat beside my sister and started chatting to us in BM.
At first, I was wondering whether if she's a Malay or Chinese but her Malay was pretty good for someone of her age so I thought to myself, she's most probably the former.
So she continued telling us stories about the on-going fair in Queensbay all the way till her family background.
Suddenly, she called her son who was standing a few feet in front and started speaking in Hokkien to him saying that my sis and I look like Chinese girls and said ..
Then my sis and I burst into laughter and we can't stop laughing.
So my sis told her we're actually Chinese..~
Hahah. Guess it's not really a bad thing after all if someone actually thinks we're Malay cos it shows that we don't look like pure Chinese mei mei!
Hahahah. Whatever that means.
But hey, if I'm not mistaken my ancestors were from Thailand~
Ahahah. Not that I look like a Thai anyway..

The clear blue skies turned into dark grey as we passed the Tesco Sg. Dua.

It got pretty cold in the bus and probably that's why some ended up like this:

Drenched in the rain, but the satisfaction was pretty overwhelming cos I got what I want for the day!


Though we did not get desserts after lunch cos I was expecting the weather to go bad at about 5pm which I was right after all.

Mission wasn't really accomplished cos I didn't get any dessertsssssssss!


Back to uni already!


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