Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Wasted Sunday

First and foremost, I'd like to announce that....

*drum rolls*

this is my 100TH POST!

It's not like I'm proud of myself for finally able to reach 100 but it's just that the numbers look significant enough to be bragged about.

AHHAAHAH. it's amazing because for the first time people whom I don't know actually commented on my 99th entry.

Really appreciate it! :)

Anyway, today is such a $%&^*&%*&*%#@# unfruitful day for me.

I planned to revise my subjects the whole day.

But these itchy fingers of mine decided to update my Messenger eventhough I didn't know that there was a new Windows Live Messenger launched.

I just thought of upgrading my MSN for fun.

So, I googled : MSN latest

Then I saw Windows Live Messenger 2009.

Was so thrilled because downloading in the early morning shouldn't be a hassle.

So I waited patiently for the whole dem thing to load and it easily took my 2 hours away.

I know most of you would say I could have just concentrated on my studies while waiting.

But, being as silly as I am, I was too excited to see what it has got to offer and I practically stared at my lappie screen to see the loading speed.

I'm really silly lor.

Like, seriously.

If I could turn back time, I would have just stopped downloading it this morning.

But, BLEH. It's not possible.

Why I wanna turn back the time, you say?

Because after it finished downloading, I tried to run the programme.

After don't know how many gazillion times of failed attempts, I decided to ask my friend, ST, who has downloaded the same version too.

She said the latest Messenger is still not stable yet and she has difficulties in signing in as well.


The consequences of trying to be techno (high tech, my uni's version). (=.=")

So, in the end, I still didn't get to sign in and decided to restore my system back to yesterday's.

And the only constructive thing I did was the meeting I had for my Wednesday's presentation.


That's it till now because right now I'm doing this.

(This = Updating my blog)

I don't really find it that constructive anymore because it has become so public since I keep promoting it in my Fb and MSN and hence, no inner feelings shared.


But if I really share my inner feelings with you guys..


My number of readers will drop t0 zilch.

Because the entries would be too emo for anyone to read.

Perhaps I should have another private one for my own reading.


And, and I found something really shocking today.

Just thought of telling you guys but can't really share it here because it's way too sick to be shared.

And since my MSN is no longer working, YAY!

It should still be able to work but somehow it's not and I don't really feel like resolving the matter, so wth.

Since someone thinks I should reduce the amount of time I spend in MSN, I might as well don't fix it, right??

Then, the world would be a happier place to live in.

Haha. Whatever.

Maybe I can even score well in my test and presentation in this case.


AS IF la............

It's yet another Monday again tomorrow. :(

Blow, blow those Monday blues up, up and away!


maro^gal said...

congrats on your 100th post.. =]

Quin said...

yea yea! one hundred!! may many more hundreds will come.

it's kind of standard stuff, when u post anything private or secret feelings, people do read, but rarely do they comment. not really know what to say, i guess. but that doens't mean they don't care.

so, whatever, what do you care, just blog whatever u feel like.


Kokd said...

Wow.. a hundred posts... amazing... I am at my 50th only wor.. Glad to know that youre awake and kicking.. I like that cute pic of yours.. Missing you love..


CL said...

maro^gal : hey there! thanks for the comment! :)

KQ : haha. thank u!one of the few reasons why i don want to talk too much about how i feel inside because i'm on nuffnang now. and i wana earn big bucks!, i need to increase traffic! meaning i hv to keep publicizing my blog..haih

KOKD: haha..i'm glad nuffnang is making u post more now? or maybe not. haha. aww..miss u too, love!

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