Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Test Is Postponed.... my test which was scheduled tomorrow morning is postponed.

Is it good or is it bad? You tell me.

Well, I guess it might be good if you aren't prepared for the test which includes everything the 3 lecturers taught.

But I haven't finished revising yet. So I suppose I should be more prepared for the test in 2 weeks' time and treat it like mocks. Hmm.

One thing I can't quite figure out about lecturers is why in the world do they have to squeeze and cram every test and assignment etc. into the same weeks eventhough they said before that based on the new timetable and bla bla bla, we shouldn't have test and assignments clashed on the same week.

Kononnya lah, rite?

And my class was quite free the few weeks before this but the lecturers have no initiative in giving us any test or whatsoever.

My exam is in a month's time and I have been busy doing lab reports and assignments more than I've done my revision. :(

Will I be able to be proud of myself again this semester?

The answer lies within myself.


Porcupine said...

Welcome to the School Of Bahan!
You're experiencing what most of us had, is, and will be.

CL said...

Hahah...I'm really speechless of all these man..

Seirra said...

bad thing....imagine if physical metallurgy's test is on the same week.both also 4 credits,15 marks test. And here i am hoping to put ceramic slightly behind me b4 finals.

Seirra said...

btw, its serena here. In case u dunno.

CL said...

Hahaa. Hey Serena! Yea I should know it's you because I came across the name Seirra before. I forgotten how I got to know it though. Don't worry. I'm sure u'll excel like you always have.

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