Thursday, March 19, 2009

Snobbish Without Specs

WoW Wow.

I've been so busy lately I barely have the time to update my blog properly.

Anyways, today's blog entry is gonna be about me, being rather snobbish in first impressions.
Hahah. Yea, I guess it's no surprise to many of you who have come across that side of me before knowing me that well. (:

Most of my friends told me before about this.
But before I go further in detail, let me proclaim that I, CL, do not do such things:
a) Smile to people I don't know or even if I know who you are but we both never talked before.
b) Wave my hand and say hie when I'm not wearing my specs.

Yes, sadly enough, that's yours truly.
Family and close friends like high schoolmates, room mates, coursemates and BF would know that I do not wear my spectacles/contact lenses everywhere I go.

Except in certain conditions which I really have no choice such as:
a) staring at that poorly typed slides in English with lots of grammatical errors (effect, affect, is, are, important, importance) in class
b) driving on the road (if not sure *bang bang*)
c) being extremely close to my computer I can practically hug it to sleep (which means making my eyes sore due to the radiation from the laptop screen)
d) trying to look pretty during formal functions with the hazel coloured contact lens which I got for free. Heee.

So, it's rather saddening when my friends told me I don't reply their smile when they tried to greet me or when they wave their hands at me from a distance.
With that said, they call me a snob.
But I tried to explain to my friends as many as I could so that I won't be misunderstood.
I will usually greet my friends if they're no more than 1 meter away from myself and unless we know each other long enough for me to recognise their silhouette or figure in dark areas.


Whilst some of them said I look very fierce when they first saw me and it deterred them from approaching me.
Couldn't agree more. (:
I don't show my friendly face to anybody and everybody that walks pass me.

And if you wondered how BF fell for me, it wasn't because of how I look like also. HAHAH.


I kinda miss this hair. ):

On another note, people should have more faith in me when they have decided to spill details for me to know.
I DO NOT spread rumours nor I CREATE rumours.
That too, applies to real news as long as I'm told not to by the person who told me, then I won't.
Call me coward or what, I don't do such things. (:

We should all vote for peace on earth.

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BooN said...

CL always leng lui, no matter in spec or not. :) i can understand when u din wave ur hands to me. hahaha....

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